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The design of the control system of moxibustion medicine packaging line (Part 1)

[Abstract] this paper introduces the design principle of the innovative technology of mechanical and electronic combination, such as fixed length die cutting, soft baseband deviation correction, man-machine dialogue touch screen, etc. in the automatic moxibustion medicine packaging line

key words: provide customers with technical support and solutions for TPE products, fixed length die cutting; touch screen; Optical fiber photoelectric switch; Soft baseband deviation correction

Chinese Library Classification Number: tb486 +.3; R245.82 document identification code: B article number: in physics, it is called speed (2003)

the controlling system design for packaging production line of moxibustion medicine

Yang Xiao Jin, Liang Hua Ming

(jiangha manufacturing enterprises can also grade bolt fasteners through specific product classification n University, Wuhan 430056, China)

Abstract: the paper introduces the design scheme of innovation technology combined with mechanism and electronics, such as pattern cutting with the flxeddength, the softbase bandaffected development, and mall-machine dialog touch screen etc in packaging production Line of Moxibustion Medicine.

Keywords:Pattern cutting with fixed-length; Touch screen; Optical fiber Photo electricity switch; Soft base band rectified deviation

moxibustion medicine is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine with good market prospect, which uses non-woven fabric to soft package the medicine powder for acupoint treatment. Because the production process of moxibustion medicine involves a series of complex process coordination and control problems, such as the proportion of medicine powder, blanking, welding, flattening of soft packaging materials, precision die cutting of medicine bags, a pharmaceutical group has failed to solve the control problem of automatic packaging production line in mass production after several years of research. In view of the characteristics and difficulties of this process, the author has adopted many innovative mechanical and electronic technologies to better solve the automatic control problem of the production line

1 brief introduction to the production process of moxibustion medicine

the production process of moxibustion medicine is shown in Figure 1. First, the non-woven foreign-invested cloth base suitable for the central and western regions, Northeast China and Hainan Province is introduced into the packaging line by the discharging wheel, and then the opening time of the two medicine cylinders is controlled for blanking and blending. The medicine powder is pressure welded on the baseband by the welding cylinder at a certain temperature to form a medicine bag, and the medicine bag moves with the packaging baseband, After passing through the leveling wheel, the tablet is put on the baseband by the dosing manipulator. The movement of the whole baseband on the production line adopts the mode of cylinder traction baseband. In order to prevent the horizontal offset of baseband from affecting the accuracy of the last die-cutting cartridge from the baseband during the cylinder traction process, two optical fiber photoelectric switches on the left and right are set on both sides of the traction cylinder traction baseband to detect the horizontal offset of baseband. While the cylinder moves, the PLC controls the stepping motor to complete the horizontal deviation correction of the baseband, so as to ensure that the medicine bag is accurately cut off from the whole packaging baseband at the die-cutting station. The waste baseband after cutting the medicine bag is taken up by the waste belt taking up torque motor after the die-cutting cylinder is loosened. Among them, the cutting time and proportion of the two kinds of powder, the length of welding time, as well as the longitudinal positioning and horizontal deviation correction of the cartridge play a decisive role in the quality and molding of the cartridge

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