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Talking about the current situation of packaging gravure printing ink (Part 2)

3. Requirements for ink viscosity. The printing factory hopes that the viscosity of the original ink can be appropriately increased. When the ink leaves the factory, the viscosity should be controlled within 30-60 seconds (coated with 4# cups). For high-speed gravure printing, the viscosity of the original ink is less than 40 seconds, and the viscosity after dilution is 12-15 seconds; For medium speed printing, the viscosity of the original ink is controlled at 40-50 seconds, and the viscosity after dilution is 16-18 seconds

4. Requirements for ink fineness. Packaging printing is developing towards refinement, and printing equipment is becoming more and more sophisticated, requiring the fineness of ink to be controlled at 15 μ Below M. Too thick ink not only damages the version, but also easily causes quality problems such as knife line

5. Requirements for water-based inks. Water based gravure printing ink has the advantages of reducing air pollution, facilitating safe production and reducing potential safety hazards. From the perspective of printing quality, due to the slow volatilization speed of water-based ink, the inking of highlights is better. However, the water-based ink used at present still cannot meet the standard of solvent based gravure ink in terms of printing performance and printing quality. The main reason is that the surface tension of water is high, up to 7.2 * n/m, which makes the ink difficult to wet with the substrate, and the drying is slow, and the printing ink is not bright enough. Therefore, now the water-based concave printing oil is "thin-walled", that is, the wall thickness ink of the product is still not popular in China

6. Requirements for alcohol soluble gravure printing ink. Because the water-based gravure ink can not fully replace toluene ink, and the cost is too high, the packaging and printing factory hopes that the oil can then measure the output of the amplifier unit of the universal tensile testing machine, and the ink manufacturer can develop alcohol soluble gravure ink as soon as possible. Alcohol soluble gravure ink has the characteristics of low odor and no benzene, which can effectively reduce the damage of toluene ink to health and effectively solve the impact of residual solvents on packaging products. However, the use cost is 20% higher than that of ordinary solvent based ink, so reducing the cost has become the main requirement for alcohol soluble ink. At the same time, it also requires that it is not sticky and dirty, and has good flexibility, grease resistance, abrasion resistance and heat resistance, The selected pigments should have certain sun fastness

III. hope that environmental protection gravure printing ink will be available as soon as possible

food packaging has higher and higher requirements for environmental protection of products. Similarly, environmental protection has also put forward requirements for cigarette labels and other packaging and printing products. So far, gravure printing still uses solvents such as benzene to adjust ink viscosity, which will cause certain environmental pollution. In order to meet the requirements of environmental protection, we must completely change the performance of ink and produce environmental friendly gravure printing ink to meet the production needs of packaging and printing products

source: zhangjianping of Jinjia group

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