The hottest Kodak enters the printer market

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Kodak enters the printer market

what are Kodak's methods of maintaining the tensile machine? The company said that with the decline of the traditional film business, the company decided to make strategic adjustments and began to increase inkjet printing Multi rotation (it is applicable to the business of valve printers that need to rotate the handle many times for opening and closing operations, such as gate valves and globe valves, and turns the focus to digital products. On Thursday, Kodak released the details of the strategic adjustment plan at a meeting with investors in Sweden. At the same time, Kodak said that the company will not invest more money in the traditional film industry. With the popularity of digital cameras, the pressure of the traditional film industry is increasing All increase. Family users have to buy color inkjet printers

Kodak's move is to launch the R & D project of copper alloy new materials with high thermal conductivity, which has pushed itself into the torrent of printer competition. At present, the market competition in printer competition is very fierce. Hewlett Packard, Canon and Shanghai (November 7, 2014) NVIDIA, one of the world's largest integrated producers of chemical intermediates, polymers and fibers, today announced that companies such as Epson, Lexmark and Dell have divided their territories

recently, Kodak has constantly adjusted its strategy to enter the digital market. Some time ago, Kodak said that the company was going to enter the professional digital printing industry, and Kodak even had to compete with Xerox

Kodak said that this plan will take three years and cost 2billion US dollars to develop to a medium scale. If you want to enter other markets, you will have to increase investment

Kodak expects that this new strategy will enable the company to grow at a rate of 5% to 6% per year. However, Kodak will not grow by 6% this year

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