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On December 15, Kohl Madden, a subsidiary of Sun Chemical Group, announced that the price of commercial printing inks produced by the company would be comprehensively increased from January 1, 2005. The price increase ranges from 4% to 8%

Mr. Brad Bergey, President of Koch, said that this price increase was also a last resort. At present, the contradiction between supply and demand of various raw materials required for the production of printing inks and varnishes is prominent. On the one hand, the demand for chemicals in the international market continues to rise; On the other hand, due to the rise of international oil prices, inflation and the decline of profit margin, the investment in the chemical industry lags behind, and the growth of production capacity cannot meet the demand. In the past few months, the price of raw materials purchased by Koch has changed several times. 1. The relationship between foaming and bridging. Even so, there are still some raw materials within ± 0.5% of the set value; The problem of tight supply. In addition, requirements from environmental protection, health and other aspects, as well as factors such as transportation, packaging and inflation, have also led to the rise of ink costs

Mr. bogay also said that Koch will continue to make continuous efforts to reduce costs within its ability, and the price increase of Koch will not exceed the cost increase. Mr. bogay also said that although the current situation is very likely, Koch will do its best to maintain the stability of production and continue to provide high-level services to the printing industry

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