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Kodak introduced a new type of light box film

recently, Kodak introduced a new type of durable reverse light box film. What are the functional characteristics and measurement principles of the tension machine for piezoelectric inkjet machines. The film thickness of the reverse lamp box is 125 μ m. It is a new type of inkjet printing medium, which is suitable for all kinds of large format inkjet machines, including high-speed inkjet machines

this reverse light box film has a transparent polyester perspective film base, which is particularly durable and fast drying. The new special coating has excellent ink absorption, especially for images requiring a thick ink layer. After printing, it has bright colors, clear edges and strong three-dimensional sense. This kind of machine is specially developed for piezoelectric inkjet printing machine, and also suitable for thermal inkjet printing machine. We help customers use the changing market pattern to achieve their ultimate goal of seeking commercial success, profitability and sustainable development, and can accept dye or pigment inks

exceeds the ideal current demand of the furnace

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