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Kobayashi Takashi: I'd like to cheer for Chongqing.

yesterday, in the corner of the open office area on the third floor of Chongqing Yokogawa Instrument Co., Ltd., Kobayashi Takashi, the general manager of Japan, was busy at his desk wearing glasses. From time to time, employees came forward to exchange business with him

gave up the independent office, and Kobayashi chose to work with employees, "because it can be closer to employees psychologically."

he said, "I was proud of the moment I won the 'Three Gorges Friendship Award', which is the greatest affirmation of my work in Chongqing."

become half a "Chongqing person"

come to Chongqing to work for 8 years. Xiao Lin long said that he has become half a "Chongqing person". He knows Chongqing landmarks such as Dazu stone carvings and liberation steles like a treasure

"especially the forthright character of Chongqing people makes me feel the vitality of this city." Kobayashi said that the Chinese Chongqing staff of Yokogawa Instrument Co., Ltd. can complete tasks on time and smoothly every time they receive assignments. They are always full of passion and vitality in their work. He appreciates this unique personality of Chongqing people

use Chinese menus and windows standard icons to operate "in addition, Chongqing's delicious and spicy eating habits also complement the city's enthusiasm and hospitality." He said that although he didn't adapt to the spicy taste of food when he first came to Chongqing, he can't live without the taste of pepper for three meals a day

New material products such as special alloy materials

willing to build a bridge of cooperation between Chongqing and Japan

according to Xiao Linlong, Chongqing has developed "very fast in recent years, especially transportation construction and high-rise buildings, which are almost refreshing every day"

as the "leader" of an instrument and meter joint venture, the rapid development of Chongqing's automobile and motorcycle industry was most praised by Xiao Lin long. "According to the development momentum of the automobile industry, China is likely to become the world's first automobile producer in the future, and Chongqing will play an important role."

Kobayashi long returns home for home leave 3-4 times a year. Every time he returns home to visit his relatives, he does not forget to recommend Chongqing's superior investment environment to other Japanese enterprises

"I think Chongqing's talent resources are the most recommended, especially high-tech talents." Kobayashi said, for example, in Yokogawa instrument company, there are only five Japanese staff, and the rest are all Chinese staff, who are responsible for specific business development, such as the Huafeng spandex polyurethane curing track bed project, which has completed the experimental business negotiation and marketing of the freight line. "It is with these excellent employees that the company has made great progress."

in recent years, many financial and manufacturing enterprises from Japan have come to Chongqing to investigate the investment environment. As long as he can spare time, Kobayashi will serve as a "guide" to accompany and recommend these Japanese entrepreneurs to invest in Chongqing

"as a Japanese who has worked in Chongqing for many years to maximize the value effect of resources, I am willing to recommend this potential city to other Japanese enterprises." Kobayashi said that he is willing to become a bridge between Chongqing and Japan

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