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"Kehe" and "Changhe machine" strive to achieve an annual income of 2billion in five years

"Kehe" and "Changhe machine" strive to achieve an annual income of 2billion in five years

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following the rise of local enterprises "Zoomlion", "Sany", "Shanhe intelligence" in China's construction machinery industry, "made in Hunan" a transnational "marriage" once again brightens the industry's eyes, Because the cumbersome "foreign son-in-law" comes from Germany, the "manufacturing capital of the world" -- "changchong machinery" wants to be a dark horse

the position of Hunan Construction Machinery in the national manufacturing industry is described as "decisive". A few days ago, the industry selected the most influential brands of China's local construction machinery, which belong to the first phalanx. Hunan has "Zoomlion Heavy Industry" and "Sany Heavy Industry" listed. Adhering to the local route and relying on independent innovation, made in Hunan unexpectedly recruited a door-to-door "son-in-law" - German Koch at the end of last year. For half a year, this "foreign son-in-law" has not only brought the family's unique technology into Changsha, but also transferred an expert Su Bo from the headquarters in the middle of this month to make full preparations for the management of the newly established Chinese "family"

this "Xiang woman" who captured the "heart" of Germany Koch, a famous manufacturing door in the world, followed by "Hunan Changzhong Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd." named after the Mohr principle. Thanks to the strong backing of the German "Lang Jun", the "long weight machine" came out of the Jianghu and gained a lot - by the middle of this month, the product sales contract signed by the company had exceeded 100million yuan

"long heavy machinery" is a new life of Hunan manufacturing bred by social capital investment under the background of the strong market of China's equipment manufacturing industry. The company is invested and established by Huatian industry and Xinfeng, and its main products are bulk material conveying system equipment and special equipment. Germany Koch, the "son-in-law" of the recruitment, has the reputation of "leader" in the world's bulk material transportation industry

in a certain period in the future, the development of Hunan manufacturing will mainly rely on the domestic market. After China's entry into WTO, world manufacturing has set foot in China one after another, objectively prompting Hunan manufacturing to start brand strategy, or for example, "Zoomlion group" to cultivate national manufacturing brands that enter the world through industrial resource integration; Or, for example, through cooperation with internationally renowned manufacturers, the "long-term heavy machinery" will start later and enter the competitive market first

the "long and heavy machinery" manufacturing base, which started construction in Lugu, Changsha high tech Zone at the end of last year, is designed and built in accordance with German and European standards, from plant layout to process flow. At present, after determining the intention of "investing 30million US dollars in the first phase, mainly to strengthen the expansion of the Chinese market", according to the plan, the two sides will build the "long weight machine" base in Changsha into a base for the "Koch" Liandi group to provide a series of high-performance materials for the University of technology solar energy race team, "long weight machine" to implement the Asian strategy, and strive to achieve an annual income of 2billion yuan in five years

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