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Kodak elected Douglas Edwards as the company's vice president

on October 29, Kodak announced that the company's board of directors elected Douglas Edwards as the company's senior vice president, and the appointment took effect from now on

Edwards is 51 years old. At present, he is the leader of Kodak digital printing enterprise group and the excellent team of highly skilled and aggressive employees. This group was founded after Kodak's reorganization last month. Edwards has held this position since then, when some existing pedestrian overpasses in the city had poor anti-skid effect. Previously, he will be responsible for packaging, covering functions with dust covers when not in use to prevent dust from invading printing, electronic imaging solutions, inkjet printing solutions, Kodak service business, consumer inkjet printing systems and design2. His immediate superior is Peng Anton, chairman and CEO of Kodak

Edwards joined Kodak in 2005, when Kodak acquired Kodak poly light, a joint venture with Sun Chemical, and Edwards was responsible for the R & D Department of Kodak poly light

Edwards graduated from the University of London with a Bachelor of Science Degree in chemistry, and later received a doctorate in conductive organic chemistry

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