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Kodak approval NX color digital proofing technology innovation

Kodak graphics and image group Kodak poly light's approval NX color digital proofing technology has been launched for some time, and this internationally leading technology has caused strong repercussions in the global market. So far, it has the characteristics of halftone true dot output, true material printing, dot density control, etc., and is the industry's high-end direct digital color proofing scheme (DDCP). Approval proofing system has sold more than 1300 units worldwide, and is widely used in packaging processing, commercial printing and other fields. It has become an indispensable world standard for direct digital color proofing in digital workflow

at the same time, the approval NX color digital proofing technology has the function of high-precision and high stability color correction, which makes the new business development strategy with DDCP as the core possible

at present, domestic plate making companies, printing companies, advertising agents, etc. are actively promoting color standardization in digital workflow, so many customers are considering introducing approval NX proofing system. Because it can provide high-precision color matching and stable color quality that the friction disc should be wiped clean with acetone after each experiment, approval NX is evaluated as a highly reliable proofing system in the industry. The approval NX proofing system adopts the concept of open system, and is promoting the establishment of interfaces with major prepress systems such as Symantec and Heidelberg. Moreover, the approval proofing system can accurately represent spot colors and metallic colors, so it is widely used in the packaging industry to make contract proofing

Kodak approval NX digital halftone color proofing system adopts rapid recipe color matching technology, which improves the performance of approval thermal halftone color proofing product line to an unprecedented level. As the latest proofing system of the approval family, it improves flexibility, productivity and performance to a new level. It can accurately simulate various production processes; Accurately reproduce millions of exquisite spot colors, special colors, mixed colors and brand specific colors, including shiny metal colors; Strictly control the density; Achieve high-quality printing in the field of packaging and commercial printing, and its sample accuracy can be comparable to that of printing; Eliminate the need for printing samples; It provides faster speed than the previous proofing system

rapid recipe color matching technology is a great achievement of Kodak poly light in digital proofing. In terms of spot color proofing, under the same high quality and accuracy, the rapid recipe color matching technology of Kodak approval NX system is 45% to 55% faster than the current standard time. At the same time, it also breaks through the traditional proofing method of simulating four colors with four colors, which can accurately simulate the actual printing process and fully consider the specific situation of the printing materials. For example, during packaging proofing, the rapid recipe color matching technology will replace the black in the traditional four-color printing with blue, so that the proofs produced are closer to the actual effect of packaging printing

with rapid recipe color matching technology, Kodak's approval NX proofing system can better simulate the actual color gamut of packaging processing and commercial printing, so its proofing effect is more accurate and can better meet the needs of users

photochemical proofing is quite different from approval proofing in quality

Zewu haoyatang, a Japanese company, is a professional manufacturer of packaging product design and production from CAD modeling design to sample production. They are introducing the approval proofing system, thereby discarding the rainbow heat rise Huaguang chemical proofing system and platform proofing system that have been used for many years. As the managing director of the company, Zewu has a high evaluation of the approval NX system: "in the production of packaging samples, the quality of the photochemical proofing system with similar color and the approval proofing system with printing color can be said to be very different."

nine years ago, this company established a direct business relationship with s company, a home appliance giant, and undertook the packaging business of S company, whose main businesses are LCD, tape recorder, video recorder and MD. the content of cooperation is not only plate making, but also packaging design. However, after a period of use, they found that "the color samples output by photochemical proofing system and inkjet proofing system cannot be standardized". The packaging molding samples proposed to s company involve five departments: planning department, shape design department, decoration design department and creative design company of packaging design department. The shaped packaging samples using the approval proofing system must be approved by the contract samples of these five departments. "Basically, only one color molding sample can get all the recognition of these departments." Moreover, the approval NX proofing system also greatly shortens the preparation time of packaging design molding samples

after introducing the approval NX proofing system, the company also formulated a business plan to provide remote proofing services using the approval NX proofing system. Business minister yoshiyoshi Nakano said, "since there is no facility for the transmission of large amounts of data files at present, it is now said to pass a [relevant standards] : gb/t15788, gb/t13763, JTG E50 ⑵ 006, bs6906.1, gb/t16989, gb/t14800, gb/t1040, sl/t235, ASTM d4595, gb/t17640pproval realize remote proofing service is still a little early. However, once the network system that can transmit 100 megabytes of files in real time is established, it will be easy to calibrate al twice with approv for Remote Proofing, and we will immediately start the Remote Proofing service. "

at present, considering the cost, many Japanese packaging plate making and printing are seeking to produce overseas, while Japanese companies have become a business department only responsible for receiving orders. In this form, the company is also actively responding, transmitting the standard color data of the approval NX proofing system to overseas factories, realizing on-site output proofing, and began to conceive of making it a link of packaging production data management

approval proofing system is the cornerstone of the introduction of computer direct plate making technology

product packaging color management is in the digital internalization production center, which is undertaken by the approval proofing system and its supporting recipe color system

Otsuka packaging company has been responsible for the packaging and printing of the main products of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Group, and the business volume is quite large. The average monthly order volume reaches 1100 pieces, and the consumption of printing plates reaches 3300 pieces. Although they have a complete set of processing and production lines, with the "trend of multiple varieties, small batches and short delivery time of cosmetics boxes and commercial printed materials increasingly exposed, the current form of outsourcing proofing can no longer adapt to the changes in the market. Integrating proofing into a link of internal production has become an urgent problem to be solved." Mr. Aoki, the assistant production director of the company, said, "the transformation of film production from 100% outsourcing to internal production has brought the problem of correction printing to the surface. When everyone discussed whether to introduce platform proofing machine, adopt printing machine proofing or continue outsourcing proofing, there were different opinions. At this time, someone proposed to adopt direct digital color proofing (DDCP) Methods. Compared with platform proofing and printing machine proofing, direct digital color proofing can save time and money, and the quality and stability are also very good. Based on these considerations, it was finally decided not to adopt the traditional proofing printing method, but to adopt the direct digital color proofing method (DDCP). "

therefore, Otsuka introduced the approval NX proofing system. The introduction of approval NX proofing system actually paves the way for the use of computer direct plate making technology in the future. At the same time, it will also become the core equipment after building the database

in the past, the type and quantity of packaging and printing we undertook from Otsuka company was a huge number. At present, it is preserved in the form of photographic film. For example, changes in the contents recorded on the pharmaceutical packaging box have to be modified on the film. After several modifications, the text quality of the film will decline

now, taking the opportunity of introducing digital systems including approval proofing system, the company is promoting the digitization of photo films centered on the products of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Group. This can prevent the decline of text quality caused by the change of recorded text. The modification time of changes is shortened, and it is easier to confirm changes by using communication. Of course, the final confirmation is still carried out using the samples output by the approval proofing system. " It is also asserted that the introduction of direct plate making technology with the ultimate goal of film free production, improvement of printing plates and improvement of quality has reached the point where "it is impossible to consider without approval proofing system"

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