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Kodak image appeared at the 11th China International Investment and Trade Fair

on September 7, 2007, Eastman Kodak, the leader of the global imaging industry, made an appearance at the 11th China International Investment and Trade Fair in Xiamen (the '98 international investment and Trade Fair). With the advantages of its global partners in the Olympic Games, it further demonstrated the diversified imaging solutions and complete system of service it provided to Chinese users at the same time

since the fourth China investment and Trade Fair in 2000, Kodak has appeared in Xiamen for eight consecutive years, witnessing the growth and expansion of this most influential international investment event in China today; In 2005, the company chose the exhibition site of the 9th China International Investment and trade fair and announced that it had signed a contract with the Xiamen municipal government to invest nearly US $100 million to build a digital printing project, making Xiamen an important global production center for Kodak in digital media, consumables and related products. After two years of intensive construction, Kodak held a large meeting during this CIFIT to announce that the project has been successfully completed. This marks that Xiamen has successfully transformed from Kodak's traditional image product manufacturing base into an important part of the global digital product supply chain. The success of this project is also a dazzling achievement of the 1998 CIFIT

Ye Ying, global vice president of Eastman Kodak and chairman and President of North Asia, said at the same time that the Xiamen municipal government has created a good investment environment for domestic and foreign enterprises. We are deeply grateful for the strong support given by the Xiamen municipal government in the approval of Kodak Xiamen digital printing plate project, the application for equipment import inspection, and the factory construction process, ensuring the construction period. At the same time, we also highly commend the good platform of the China International Investment and trade fair, Xiamen 98, which provides great convenience for our cooperation with local governments and enterprises, local procurement and many other aspects

taking this opportunity, Kodak took advantage of this CIFIT to show the world a brand-new Kodak with initial success in transformation. Inspired by the same world, the same dream and the same Kodak horn, digital Kodak is marching towards 2008 with great strides. Kodak released the new products of two business groups, graphic image and consumer digital image, especially the graphic image group established through a series of international mergers and acquisitions during the transformation process. It has become a powerful leader with the strongest strength and the widest business coverage in the global digital printing field. The collective appearance of the Chinese Kungfu style of the senior management team of the business group also swept away the depressing atmosphere caused by the continuous adjustment of traditional business during the transformation, which cheered everyone present

at the 11th China International Investment and trade fair, Kodak's booth is also refreshing: as a global partner of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Kodak naturally spared no effort in the last 98 trade fair before the Olympic Games, using its unique advantages to actively carry out publicity strategies: whether it is the Olympic rings hanging overhead on a 90 square meter booth, It is also an eye-catching sign with the Olympic partners, which reflects the inextricable relationship between Kodak images that achieve dreams and the Olympic Games: a picture wall assembled from the wonderful moments of the Olympic Games output by Kodak's professional worldly Almighty photo paper in the booth echoes with the murmuring underwater athletes entering the water on the outside of the booth, perfectly interpreting the Kodak image technology that condenses the Olympic Moments with static image transmission. The digital cameras used to capture these images are all from Kodak, and are also visually displayed in front of people in an all-round way on both sides of the booth. The fashionable appearance, extraordinary texture and gorgeous colors of these latest digital cameras show their exquisite and charming charm against the backdrop of Kodak professional Buddha all-round photo paper

with the help of the power of images, the Olympic Games will be built into a graphic and image event, and the influence of the Olympic Games will be more extensive and far-reaching: everyone who experiences the passion of the Olympic Games can pass this wonderful moment to all parts of the world through Kodak's printing products and services; Share with more people and let more people participate, which is in line with the Olympic spirit that everyone has the right to participate, regardless of wealth or wealth; This is also a continuation of the corporate culture that the founders of Kodak jointly pushed the performance and utilization of composite materials to a new peak. George Eastman made photography no longer exclusive to the rich, so that everyone can enjoy the fun of photography. To this end, Kodak has integrated its resources, and in addition to its traditional strength silver halide technology, it has also actively developed more and more advanced ways to output gap oil overflow that are more in line with consumer needs, including Kodak digital quick printing station and quick photo thermal sublimation printer based on thermal sublimation printing technology. This series of output methods will eventually be reflected by Kodak's proprietary xtralife coated photo paper, so that each photo has the function of waterproof and dustproof, and can be preserved for a long time. Kodak's consumer image output family, with its strong technical characteristics and rich application value, allows customers to choose the most ideal output mode according to their different needs in their own occasions, creating a new market for digital printing

after a series of mergers and acquisitions and organizational structure adjustments, graphic image group, which is all composed of leading brands in the printing industry, has become the engine of Kodak's new round of growth. Its new desktop scanners with excellent performance are easy to operate, but they can simplify office life, expand the collection capacity of digital documents to a higher speed, and improve the production capacity of scanners in an all-round way; The lucky draw scratch card provided to visitors at the exhibition site is specially printed by Kodak nExpress color digital printer. Compared with the traditional offset press, nExpress saves the publishing process, so it costs less and takes less time; And because of its wide color gamut, it can provide products with richer color performance than offset printing machines. It is suitable for a small amount of variable content printing, and has become a good helper to provide personalized products; In addition, visitors will also have the opportunity to truly experience this fast, variable and personalized digital printing mode. Through the application of templates, the global EPS output each year will reach 6million tons, and the personalized pictures will be output into recipes, tenders, student records, tourism albums, personal photo albums, personalized desk calendars, wall calendars, wedding invitations and other finished products with different uses and materials, so as to fully meet the diversified needs of users

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