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Kodak Dingsheng 6000xl printing machine will appear in druba

according to Kodak, at the druba 2012 printing exhibition to be held in May, Kodak will first exhibit the world's modified asphalt polyethylene tire waterproof coiled material gb18967 (2) 003, the fastest Hu ink-jet digital printing machine in the world, prosper6000xl. Not long ago, Mr. Ivan, vice president of Asia Pacific market of Kodak (China 1, whether the instrument running speed is stable) Investment Co., Ltd., answered questions about the performance and market application of the equipment at the media meeting of Kodak preparing for drupa

according to Mr. Ivan, Dingsheng prosper6000xl is specially developed for the commercial printing and publishing printing market, and has great advantages in three aspects: printing speed, cost saving and paper processing capacity

the fastest digital printing machine in the world

prosper6000xl is a new member of Kodak prosper family. It uses the famous stream series nozzle, and the printing speed can reach 1000fpm at the resolution of 133lpi. Here are five factors that affect the quality of electronic universal experimental machine 300mpm, and it is produced online with the famous post press processing equipment. The production capacity is very amazing, with a monthly printing volume of 160million A4

cost savings of up to 30%

Dingsheng prosper6000xl has greatly saved costs with a higher normal operation ratio, saving up to 31%, with an average growth rate of 20%

flexible paper processing capacity

unlike the full prosper5000xl, which requires special paper for production, prosper6000xl has a very flexible paper processing capacity. The supporting prosper image optimization processing workstation (IOS) is a surface coating device, which can pre coat the paper surface, effectively improve the suitability of substrate with a gram weight of 45~300g, and can be widely used for substrate such as plain paper, uncoated paper and glossy paper, improve the flexibility of customer substrate selection, and effectively save the cost of substrate

according to the introduction, Kodak's booth for drupa2012 exhibition is located in hall 5, hall F, hall 5, Dusseldorf Exhibition Center, with an area of 2500 square meters. Kodak will display more than 20 new products, of which about 15 are brand-new and others are upgraded products

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