The hottest IBM launched RFID printer to improve R

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On June 14, IBM announced the launch of an infoprint 6700 R40 printer that can print RFID tags. The company said that the printer will help users reduce costs, improve reliability and improve the company's entire supply chain

with the launch of infoprint 6700 R40 printer, IBM will be able to provide complete RFID solutions from hardware and software to technical support and services. At the same time, IBM can also provide customized solutions according to customers' needs to meet their special needs. Info10. The experimental machine rigid [frame rigidity]print 6700 R40 printer can print both traditional bar codes and RFID tags, and it can be upgraded in our life. That is, if customers do not need to print RFID for the time being, users are welcome to visit our label of Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd., they can purchase a basic equipment first, and then upgrade it when there is RFID printing demand

in order to make the printing of this device faster, infoprint 6700 R40 printer adopts IBM's power microprocessor to ensure the fast transmission of files

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