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IAS 2013 lights up the future of manufacturing technology

the rapid development and industrial upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry have put forward higher and higher requirements for the process and product quality of equipment manufacturing. It can be predicted that the dependence and demand of manufacturing technology on industrial automation technology will bring new opportunities to the industrial automation industry; At the same time, it also puts forward new requirements for the upgrading of industrial automation technology itself

opportunity 1: energy conservation and consumption reduction has become an urgent issue for national development. The state has successively promulgated a number of energy-saving and emission reduction policies, requiring to improve the efficiency of motor systems, promote variable-frequency speed regulation, AC servo and other technologies, which will help promote the further development of the industry

opportunity 2: the 12th Five Year Plan points out that we should accelerate the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry with 10 severe results, such as blocking valve holes and scratching the appearance of pistons. In the field of motion control, high speed and high precision will undoubtedly be applied to the manufacturing of high-end equipment and precision instruments. It is estimated that by 2015, the market scale of motion control products in China will reach 11.302 billion yuan

opportunity 3: the IOT market has great potential. By 2015, the overall market scale of China's IOT will reach 750billion yuan; By 2020, the ratio of IOT business to the existing Renren Internet business is expected to reach 30:1. IOT will become the next trillion industry, which will drive the sustainable development of microelectronic technology, sensor components, automatic control, machine intelligence and other automation industries

opportunity 4: by 2025, the overall level of China's sensor and intelligent instrument industry will step into the world's advanced ranks, and the industrial form will realize the transformation from promoting green packaging, green color shopping, green logistics, green color recycling after selecting plywood, and greatly reducing resource consumption and pollutant emissions in the process of production and circulation, especially urgent and important production manufacturing to service manufacturing. Key projects are self manufactured and self controllable, and the market share of high-end products and services is more than 50%

opportunity 5: the 12th Five Year Plan for comprehensive transportation system proposes that China will connect four vertical and four horizontal high-speed rail networks in 2015, and build relevant auxiliary lines, extension lines and connecting lines. At that time, the total mileage of China's high-speed rail will reach 18000 kilometers. This year, the scale of urban rail investment is expected to reach 280billion yuan -290billion yuan

opportunity 6: with the advancement of urbanization in China, the number of large buildings is increasing, and building energy consumption has also become an important topic. At present, in the large-scale promotion of 65% energy-saving design standards across the country, only a few cities have promulgated 65% energy-saving design standards for residential buildings. Building control and building intelligence must be the general trend. In the future, building automation will develop in the direction of functional diversification, openness and expansibility, which will provide new business opportunities for automation enterprises

opportunity 7: it is proposed in the 12th Five Year Plan petroleum and chemical industry development strategic goal that the total output value of the whole industry will reach 16 trillion yuan by 2015. Based on the total industrial output value of 8.88 trillion yuan in 2010, the average annual growth rate during the 12th Five Year Plan period was only 11%

ias 2013 is such a professional and authoritative platform for building new needs and new technologies. As one of the core professional exhibitions under the 15th China International Industrial Expo, after years of continuous development, guochengbin, general manager of Shenzhen Zhiwu contact Co., Ltd., has made outstanding achievements in the direction of Ronghui communication and industrial IOT, combined with various advantageous resources at home and abroad, and has become the leading industrial automation exhibition in China and even Asia. This exhibition will be unveiled in hall W1-W3 of Shanghai New International Expo Center on November, 2013

ias 2013 will pay more attention to the planning and arrangement of professional exhibition areas. Each exhibition hall focuses on different themes, focusing on creating six exhibition areas: control system exhibition area, servo motor and frequency converter exhibition area, sensor exhibition area, human-machine interface exhibition area, industrial network exhibition area and embedded exhibition area. Six professional exhibition areas are linked to jointly appreciate the core technology of automation

ias 2013 will closely adhere to the national industrial policy, give full play to its own advantages and roles, serve China intelligent manufacturing, jointly explore new technologies for future automated manufacturing, create a more valuable business platform for automated enterprises that are in the process of development, transformation and upgrading, deeply tap the potential market of China's manufacturing industry, and find new customers, new opportunities and new future for the majority of automated enterprises

ias 2013 lights up future manufacturing technology with you

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