The hottest Ibis company launched a booklet horse

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Ibis company launched a booklet riding binding machine

the high-speed digi stitch dst2 riding binding machine of Ibis company can work online with web digital printing machine due to load. The printed web paper from the online printing system is first cut by the sheet cutting machine, and the cut sheets are input into the edge registration paper feeding device of dst2 one by one, and the number of the sheets is checked by the bar code reader, and then each sheet is indented, folded and matched respectively. The pre printed cover is input through another paper feeder, and automatically pasted with the book block after folding, After riding a horse, "Celanese is committed to rdquo; helping customers protect and improve their brands, bind them into pamphlets, and finally cut them into pamphlets with the required format specifications by a three-sided book cutter.

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