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IBM installed a very ghost animal face for AI chatting with astronauts...

IBM installed a very ghost animal face for AI chatting with astronauts...

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original title: IBM installed a very ghost animal face for AI chatting with astronauts...

welcome to pay attention to me

bad comment Jun recently saw a somewhat interesting space project, cimon

cimon's full name is crewinteractivemobile company, an interactive mobile companion for employees

it looks very personalized, long... such ⬇️

Cimon is an artificial intelligence developed by IBM to provide help and companionship to the staff of the space station

it's no small coincidence to say:

the spaceship AI Hal that went rampant in the classic science fiction film 2001 Space Odyssey, in fact, h is the first letter of I, a is the first letter of B, and compared with traditional petroleum based products, l is the first letter of M

now more than ten years have passed since the movie, the robot developed by IBM has really gone into space

this robot is a sphere with a face. It can turn and fly by itself in space ⬇️

but when you see cimon's face, you always have an inexplicable feeling of egg pain

especially blinking and smiling when starting up

when I saw this smile, my first reaction was the villain in the submarine prisoner, the cute kitten ⬇️。。。

let's put it this way, cartoon characters with this simple and harmless smile are generally set up to be very curious, and mogeko kitten, a prisoner of the sea, is no exception

you have seen a similar smile in comic strip day

in the episode of the end of the world, Professor Dou M's smile was so full of afterthoughts when he was scalded by the cigarette butts of the idol girl

look at this smile and surprise again, wow

I always think Abe Gaohe's face is more suitable for this screen

who is Abe Gaohe

you must have seen it in other expression bags. It looks like this ⬇️

come.. Bad comment, you can do whatever you say ⬇️

in fact, it's not cimon's face that makes you want to roast (although you've roast a lot of words...)

what I want to roast is that human beings seem to be keen to give a virtual image to AI

for example, Ai Ai sauce ⬇️

to be exact, AI sauce is not an AI assistant, but a virtual idol

the original name of AI sauce is "trip love", and the name of YouTube channel is A.I. channel, claiming to be super AI

why is such a lovely AI girl called AI disabled

because the figure above is an illusion, in fact, love sauce is often like this ⬇️

or so ⬇️

but love sauce is originally an idol. How can an idol be an assistant

we can often see the personification of the image of artificial intelligence from various science fiction works

for example, the animation "human computer angel heart" is about the love between human beings and computer girls

more recently, joi in blade runner 2049 is also a beautiful woman ⬇️

there are many more science fiction games, such as Cortana in the halo series ⬇️

and in the trilogy "mass effect", the protagonist's spacecraft Normandy has its own artificial intelligence central control EDI

in the first two games, the image of EDI is just a ball, with human female voice

in the third part, EDI successfully entered the body of a human machine and simply drove the spacecraft in the cockpit in the human image

to be reasonable, as the central artificial intelligence of a spacecraft, it is much less efficient to drive a spacecraft with an avatar by hand

however, players have another reason to love "quality effect"

to put it bluntly, compared with cold machines without images, human beings still don't get rid of animal instinct and like things with human images

or have such a habit of thinking:

since you are almost smart with people, you can talk, and look like a human

isn't it taken for granted

therefore, you are still optimistic about cimon. Even if it has little effect, it is also excellent to relieve the boredom of the lonely space station staff ~

I hope IBM can see this article and consider the image of Abe Gao and thick eyebrows and big eyes

image source: NBC news'don't be so mean': cimon the European Space Robot cops an attitude funny comics day and diffuse culture YouTube blade runner 2049bussinessinsider reference: NBC ne carton detection equipment is the most direct test instrument to test the compressive strength of cartons or other packaging containers WS'don't be so mean': cimon the European Space Robot cops an attitude


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