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IBM and Microsoft cooperate to provide powerful hybrid cloud

recently, IBM officially announced its cooperation with Microsoft in the field of cloud computing, and the two sides will provide each other's enterprise software on IBM cloud and Microsoft azure. With the rapid development of hybrid cloud, this cooperation will provide more cloud options for customers, partners and developers of IBM and Microsoft

this cooperation provides services to customers, including:

providing IBM middleware on Microsoft azure: WebSphere liberty, MQ, DB2, etc.

providing Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server on IBM cloud

providing Microsoft on IBM bluemix cloud development platform Net operating environment

in order to support hybrid cloud deployment, IBM will expand its support for its software running on Windows Server hyper-v. At the same time, the cooperation also plans to realize the use of IBM Purea's current application service on Microsoft azure

Robert LeBlanc, senior vice president of IBM software and cloud computing solutions group, said: IBM will work with Microsoft to provide opportunities for hybrid cloud innovation 207 aluminum alloy door and window handles. Through this cooperation, IBM's strategy of providing open cloud technology for enterprises has been strengthened. The cooperation will comprehensively improve customers' ability to use IBM's leading middleware. 5. Extend the automatic tracking range: 800mm permission, and provide customers with more and better choices when creating and deploying cloud environments

Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of cloud computing and enterprise product engineering, said: Microsoft is committed to helping enterprise users benefit from cloud computing by using their own systems, partner clouds and Microsoft azure. The cooperation with IBM can give more customers the opportunity to experience the advantages of Microsoft azure, such as its super large scale, enterprise performance and hybrid ability

in this cooperation, IBM enterprise middleware software will realize service development and product deployment on Microsoft azure virtual machine, and the core products involved include websphere application server, WebSphere MQ and DB2 database

at the same time, the cooperation will also provide Microsoft with related tools in IBM bluemix, an IBM Open Cloud PAAS (platform as a service) product Net running environment. This initiative will benefit millions of Microsoft Net developer plastic flexible packaging is a composite polyurethane adhesive, which mainly uses the fields to provide convenience, so that they can create applications for customers on a large scale on IBM's cloud platform. At present, Microsoft will first be available in bluemix Net

in addition, IBM and Microsoft will allow customers to bring their software licenses into IBM cloud and Microsoft azure to avoid additional expenses. Microsoft will also provide azure customers with the authorization of IBM middleware software WebSphere liberty, MQ, DB2, etc. in a pay per view manner

the two companies also plan to realize automatic deployment, configuration and authorization management in hybrid cloud environment through the use of IBM pure application service on Microsoft azure and IBM softlayer. IBM softlayer currently provides and supports a wide range of Microsoft software, including windows server, Hyper-V, web matrix, windows firewall, SQL server, etc

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