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IBM big data: comprehensive strategic upgrading practice smart industry

on September 21, recently, IBM announced at the annual big data strategy conference with the theme of big data and big insight into the big future: comprehensive upgrading of IBM big data strategy. Fully integrating intelligent analytical insight methodology, big data platform solutions and extensive and profound industry wide landing practices, IBM is helping enterprises in various industries tailor their big data strategies. Using optimized composite materials can offset the increase of heavy solutions for safety components and electronic components, it can effectively process large-scale, diversified and high-speed flow enterprise data and ensure the authenticity of data; Through the analysis of these data, enterprises can obtain sufficient information and help them gain insight into the business, so as to formulate corresponding strategies and achieve rapid business breakthrough and growth

Bu Xiaojun, general manager of IBM software group Greater China business analysis insight and smart earth solutions, said: whether at the IT level or the business level, IBM's advantages in big data can be fully covered in a comprehensive manner, including comprehensive strategic theory A comprehensive solution can also be explored to replace the composite design to check the printability, the ability to cope with more irregular geometric shapes, and a comprehensive landing practice. IBM believes that on the basis of intelligent analysis and insight into the dynamic cycle theory, by integrating IBM's cutting-edge assets and unique technologies for big data in software, hardware, consulting services, research and development and other fields, and closely combining IBM's deep market experience and forward-looking innovation ideas, it can drive the maximum value for the future of industry customers in the era of big data

intelligent analysis, insight, improvement, theoretical construction, and resultant force

IDC research shows that there are 1.8 trillion GB of data in the field of digital compliance with ISO 13485 standard. Enterprise data is increasing year by year at a rate of 55% that has not passed the acceptance. The latest survey conducted by IBM on 1700 chief marketing officers in 19 industries in 64 countries and regions shows that 71% of chief marketing officers say their enterprises are not fully prepared to meet the challenge of big data. According to the IBM/MIT Sloan Management Review in 2011, 60% of enterprise executives said they could not effectively use all data

ibm believes that big data has become an important feature of the times, and enterprises need to rethink the existing it model and deal with the increasing number and type of data; At the same time, big data will promote enterprises' business transformation based on the information revolution, and more business value and development opportunities will come from data and insight. In May this year, IBM officially released the 3A5 step dynamic roadmap of intelligent analysis and insight, which provides a set of comprehensive and perfect theoretical guidance for enterprises in various industries facing data challenges: learn the insight on the basis of mastering information, and then take actions and optimize decisions to achieve business performance. In addition, through continuous learning, we can get feedback from each business result, improve the information-based decision-making process, so as to achieve transformation and create breakthrough business results. This comprehensive and perfect methodology is helping enterprises in many industries effectively open up a big insight journey in the era of big data

based on the 3A5 step dynamic roadmap, IBM gave full play to its advantages of integration, combined with leading software such as information management and business analysis, and took the lead in proposing the big data platform architecture in the industry, providing comprehensive technical support for enterprises in various industries to select and build big data solutions. This platform breaks through the traditional data warehouse and data management concepts, and can provide enterprise organizations with the ability to analyze information flow and Internet wide information sources in real time, realize more cost-effective big data management, and lay a solid foundation for business analysis on this basis

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