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[IBM AI article] Watson anywhere: the future? Or is reality already there

"this is Watson" series 3

"this is Watson" series blog is written by Rob Thomas, general manager of IBM data and AI, which aims to explain how to win in the AI field and look forward to the ubiquitous market prospect of AI

although AI has brought us huge business opportunities (it is estimated that AI will contribute $16trillion to GDP by 2030), the adoption rate of AI by enterprises in 2018 was less than 4%. A recent Gartner survey shows that the adoption rate of AI by enterprises will increase from 4% in 2018 to 14% in 2019. But this is not enough. There are many reasons why the adoption rate is so low: lack of skills, lack of tools, lack of confidence and so on, but the biggest problem is "culture"

if enterprises want to join this AI driven innovation stage and participate in this wealth feast driven by technology, the most important thing for them is to have a beginner's mentality - willing to try and able to accept failure. Enterprises should seek and try to do hundreds of AI experiments within a year, and realize that more than 50% of the experiments will end in failure. The culture of many enterprises is not suitable for this way

another more common way is to concentrate on implementing a large-scale AI project and invest a lot of human, financial and time. I don't recommend this method. AI requires a lot of experiments, rather than implementing a large project to solve the problem. AI is not ERP

wealth favors the brave

I firmly believe that the trial and error we have experienced and will continue in the future will eventually bring us positive results. This is not only because it can bring us huge business opportunities, but also because it has great potential to help enterprises, consumers and even the world we live in. In the future, we will carry out more experiments, face more failures and usher in more successes. Of course, this will greatly change our way of life and work. All of us should ensure that these changes are positive

trust is an important factor to promote the success of AI

"I believe that everyone on earth will interact with Watson in some way, whether it is to accelerate their customer service, enhance their work, improve their retail experience, provide medical insight for medical staff, help people avoid food shortages, or even many ways that we have not yet realized. We have not relaxed and have not given up our ambitions. IBM will continue to stand in the lead of AI At the forefront of the domain. "

why do I believe this? Because trust is an important factor to promote the success of AI. Enterprises must firmly believe that although trial and error will lead to various problems, they can ultimately trust AI to establish meaningful connections and provide meaningful suggestions based on data. Therefore, in the field of AI, trust is an important factor that determines the success or failure of enterprises. You may have different views on the recycling of cobalt or IBM as a way to resolve the high price of cobalt, but I think no one should doubt that IBM is trustworthy. As an enterprise, our past performance is obvious to all

you can take a look at the customer cases of IBM AI products. We have more public cases than any enterprise. Please note that these customer cases are not achieved through a large number of customized development services. The customers I mentioned here use the products I mentioned in the previous two blog posts, such as Watson openscale, Watson assistant and autoai. In some cases, will customers need IBM services (or services from other system integrators)? of course. However, Watson has broken through the scope of customized development services

as more and more customers tell their AI stories, they will also inspire other customers to consider, participate in and experiment with AI projects. The application scope of AI, especially its in-depth application in all walks of life, has always excited me

so far, I have found the most common cases in the following industries:

an important release: Watson anywhere

we have many customers who have successfully deployed Watson across a cloudy environment in the enterprise. We call it "Watson anywhere". This method can deploy AI in any cloud environment where enterprise data is located, so as to help enterprises mine hidden insights, automatically execute processes, and finally promote performance growth

you can focus on the innovation work of KPMG, Air France and Humana dairy. These enterprises have adopted the "Watson anywhere" strategy to break the hope that it can help everyone in the data island, so as to effectively use data to achieve AI

"Watson anywhere" is not only an effective way to deploy AI. It is based on real innovation, and its core is IBM cloud Pak for data, which is a data and analysis platform based on micro service architecture and built on red hat openshift. Based on this platform, enterprises can almost use Watson tools and applications on any cloud environment they expect, no matter where the data is located, in which LANXESS's high-performance plastics and composites make it possible to design some parts. These cloud environments include IBM cloud, AWS, Azur, focusing on the automotive industry e, Google, or other public clouds, or private clouds of enterprises

ibm will continue to use Watson to have a positive impact on the world, improve the adoption rate of Watson, and enable users and enterprises to participate in this wealth feast worth $16 trillion. We also know that we will promote this work in the way you expect:

1 Deliberate

2 Keep your word

3 Be careful from beginning to end

by using AI correctly and effectively, we will achieve win-win results. Why don't you try it

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