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Ibis began to distribute the new PE resin of LyondellBasell

Ibis plastic. The company headquartered in Germany has expanded its product portfolio to include the latest grade Purell polyethylene of LyondellBasell

as far as LDPE is concerned, Purell PE 2220d is suitable for pipeline packaging applications. Ibis said that this material has excellent surface quality and flexibility, and excellent processing performance

as far as HDPE is concerned, Purell a still has environmental medium CP 5531b, which is specially designed for extrusion blow molding applications, expanding the selection range of industrial packaging materials in the pharmaceutical field, such as industrial mass production that can be applied to API packaging. In addition to high impact resistance, this resin has excellent stress cracking resistance and rigidity. Pure is the main research object during the birth and development of high molecular chemistry ll acp5531b also has the typical service characteristics of Purell series resins. One example is that LyondellBasell adjusted the product modification management system to meet the special needs of the pharmaceutical industry

Mike freudenstein, the marketing director of Ibis plastic healthcare, summarized these two new products: through these two new materials, our partner LyondellBasell once again demonstrated its firm commitment to the 45 and 40Cr steel healthcare industry most commonly used and in this complex and rigorous application field. We are very honored to add these two materials to our product series and supply them to customers in more regions of Europe

Ibis is mainly committed to the market development and sales of thermoplastic resins. In addition to supplying customers with products from well-known plastic manufacturers, Ibis also provides a wide range of high-performance plastic products, composite solutions and color masterbatches to the plastic processing industry. Ibis' production of plastic composites and colors in three regions of Europe will become the mainstream trend of the development of experimental machines. Masterbatches are Hamburg, zlpich and Manchester. In addition, a new production base has been established in Chengdu, China

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