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IBM is optimistic about the expansion of the voice software market cooperation alliance step by step

[CCID news] on April 25, software manufacturer scansoft said that it had reached a new deal with IBM to expand the existing cooperation agreement. The two companies hope that this will expand the global voice technology market

scansoft is a company that produces graphics, voice and language automation software. The company said it would provide software to IBM WebSphere users for the first time to expand the range of its products. According to this agreement, IBM will help scansoft transplant its "voicereque" and "directoryassistance" products to IBM 1. WebSphere software with too narrow frequency band of sensor amplifier. WebSphere is IBM's Java server software, which can be used by enterprise users to build and execute user applications. "Voicerequest" software can call the name of the called party loudly and let the caller connect with the person he is looking for. "Directoryassistance" is a directory help service with voice control function

scansoft will also expand the license agreement with IBM for realspeaktts software. This is a kind of software for converting text into speech, which can speak 20 languages loudly and is used in servers, computers and embedded devices. IBM is now able to provide this software in all 20 languages

Scansoft said that the third content of this agreement is that it will distribute IBM's "ViaVoice" desktop dictation product. The company said the deal would expand its market coverage to China, Germany, Japan and Latin America, and add MAC compatible technology to its products

although the voice software sold by IBM and scansoft are competitive in some markets, they said that the combined strength will help to expand the entire voice software market


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