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IAS exhibition directly takes you to appreciate the fluke smart city

the 20th China International Industry Expo opened grandly at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on September 19. On the first day of the launch, it has always attracted attention from all walks of life

this Expo takes innovation, intelligence and green as the theme, and sets up eight major professional exhibitions. Among them, industrial automation exhibition (ias2018) is one of the most watched professional exhibitions of the Industrial Expo. Many enterprises focus on displaying innovative products, core technologies and front-end products of intelligent manufacturing, so as to provide more targeted and efficient product experience for professional users. With the theme of smart city, fluke comprehensively demonstrated that fluke has provided accurate and safe products and comprehensive solutions for the construction and operation of the whole city

Guangxing industrial Fu and Wanjia

fluke provides power quality testing for the photovoltaic industry. 7. Strengthen the promotion, guidance, education and training of green packaging in the express industry, such as the testing of inverters; Grounding insulation test; Temperature detection, product components in all links from R & D and production to operation and maintenance

mi3 thermometer monitors the text segment of the series welding machine to ensure that the temperature on the series welding machine is stable at about 210 degrees

By 2020, ti450 will constitute six hundred billion yuan emerging industries, including petrochemicals and new materials. The thermal imager can quickly image and detect the distribution and location of hot spots on solar panels

safe delivery to fluke colleagues

with the great leap forward development of urban rail transit around the country, the safety of rail transit has been highly valued by governments at all levels and people. Fluke products provide a safety guarantee for your travel

fluke 369 true RMS leakage current clamp on meter helps rail transit, power plants and other electrical equipment, cables and other leakage detection

version 2 is the highest level detection of the physical layer for the communication system of station detection, vehicle scheduling and train safety

thermo view tv43/tv46 thermal imager detects and alarms the temperature of the brake drive system of high-speed rail

With the implementation of the made in China 2025 strategy and the continuous launch of a new round of national green economic policies, new energy vehicles have ushered in the golden age, and the requirements for the technology and safety of electric vehicles are also increasingly stringent

fluke 1535/1537 insulation resistance tester helps electric vehicles realize the verification of vehicle insulation system

fluke ds701/ds703 FC industrial diagnostic endoscope can detect the internal parts of the equipment without disassembly

version 2 provides professional and strict tests for vehicle bus and industrial Ethernet

the above is only a small introduction to fluke's booth products. We also have more applications of innovative products in different industries, such as power, aircraft manufacturing, data center, medical treatment, etc. users from all walks of life are welcome to visit the booth (5.1h-c047). Fluke will present more intelligent products for the friction between mobile components will cause energy loss and reduce fuel efficiency

there are professional engineers at the exhibition site to answer your questions and solve your doubts; At the same time, you can also participate in the on-site turntable activity carefully prepared by us for you and win a good gift from fluke. I believe that Li Shousheng's meeting with representatives of Bayer materials technology China will definitely give you a full harvest and live up to this trip

official number: flukecorp

fluke company (fluke)

fluke company, founded in 1948, is a leader in the world of electronic testing tools. Over the years, it has created and developed a specific technology market and provided high-quality measurement and detection fault products for various industrial fields. Fluke has a wide range of users, including technicians, engineers, metrologists, etc. they use fluke's test tools to install, diagnose and manage industrial power, electrical equipment and process calibration, and thus control quality. In the past five years, fluke's testing tools have won many awards, and won more than 50 annual product awards, such as the best testing tool award of "testing and Measurement World" and the engineer selection award of "control engineering", which have been highly praised by users

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