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Ink environmental protection has become an irreversible trend

record the friction force and temperature curve of oil The machine is equipped with a high-precision measuring device. For ink company, 2009 is a year of ups and downs. With the outbreak of the global economic crisis, the fluctuation of raw material prices and the decline of market demand, 2009 is a very difficult year for the ink manufacturing industry from any perspective. Manufacturers have been under pressure from various fields, including economic recession, sluggish printing market, high raw material costs and increasingly fierce market competition. However, the ink enterprises all over the world have not stopped the pace of innovation and persevered in-depth research and development of new products, so as to build the core competitiveness to resist the crisis. Let's take a look at what new forces joined the ink industry in 2009

special function ink

special ink refers to ink with special properties or special purposes. There are many kinds of special inks, including UV inks, liquid crystal inks, photochromic inks, fragrance inks, pearlescent inks and inkjet printing inks. With the improvement of consumers' requirements for printing quality, people have higher requirements for printing ink. Various special inks used in the field of special printing emerge in endlessly. They not only make the printing quality excellent, but also meet the needs of various special functions such as environmental protection and anti-counterfeiting

Toyo ink manufacturing will launch energy-saving and environment-friendly led hardening ink

new PCB ink liquid photoresist ink

ITO ink newly launched thin film solar coating

BASF of Germany launched new flame retardant coating and ink

special substrate ink

ink with water as solvent, which is called water-based ink. This kind of ink uses the moisture in the ink to volatilize during the drying process to solidify the dissolved auxiliary resin and form a film. This ink is also known as water-based ink. With the introduction of a series of non aromatic solvent inks (such as alcohol and ester soluble inks), water-based inks, UV inks, soybean oil-based inks and other environmental friendly inks, the environmental protection of inks is gradually deepening

BASF launched a new metal based ink product series showing the whole installation process

van son company of the Netherlands grandly launched vs9 UV ink

new environmental friendly ink

ink is a printing colorant, a paste colloid formed by evenly dispersing and mixing pigments, binders, solvents and additives. Due to the limitations of technology and materials, there are unsafe factors in each component of traditional ink, especially in pigments and solvents. The innocuous, environmentally friendly and green ink has become an irresistible trend of the times

environmental protection of ink products has become an irreversible trend

Toyo ink manufacturing will be listed as energy-saving and environment-friendly led hardening ink

although there is no unified international standard for the safety requirements of printing ink at present, all major developed countries in the world have strict restrictive regulations on food packaging ink. In this case, a new printing ink was born, namely edible printing ink. This kind of ink will be directly printed on the surface of food and medicine, becoming a new highlight of ink development

environmental friendly benzene free ink will become the mainstream of printing ink in the future

new printing materials will lead the development trend of printing ink: edible ink

ink related systems

in addition to the continuous innovation and breakthrough in the environmental protection and functionality of the ink itself, more and more enterprises also focus on the research and development of ink related systems, which also provides a guarantee for better use of ink

Epson launches the world's first water-based white ink printing system

Tianjin Toyo ink and Nikka promote cutting-edge environmental friendly printing auxiliary equipment

inx company launches UV curing ink print head cleaning service

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