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Looking at the market situation of offset printing inks

with the progress of the printing industry, printing technology and printing equipment have been continuously improved, especially offset printing has been gradually valued and developed by printing manufacturers at home and abroad for its unique advantages, such as rapid and convenient plate making, low cost, high printing quality, wide range of paper use, large plasticity of printing quantity, etc., so that it has been rapidly and widely developed, As a result, offset printing occupies a leading position in the international printing industry, and offset printing ink has also developed rapidly. In order to meet the needs of various printing equipment, substrates, various packaging and decoration products, publishing and printing materials, the varieties of offset printing inks are increasing day by day. 11. The diameter of the shear sample is 10mm (optional). The ink manufacturing technology continues to improve, and the ink output is expanding day by day. According to relevant data, offset printing inks account for about 40% of the total printing inks at present, and this ratio will not change significantly in a considerable period of time

I. current market situation of offset printing inks

in recent years, with the development of the world economy and the continuous improvement of people's cultural and living water products, the ink industry, which often leads to inaccurate measurement results in more developed countries, has also developed rapidly. The printing and publishing industry and printing and decoration products are gradually developing in the direction of diversification and upscale. In order to meet the needs of users, we pursue the beauty and upscale of printed products, The printing plant continuously updates and improves the printing equipment. The emergence of high-speed, multi-color, low pollution and high-efficiency printing equipment has prompted printing plants to constantly put forward new requirements to ink manufacturers. According to statistics, at present, in the ink output of more developed countries, offset printing ink products are mainly led by offset bright and fast drying ink, non thermosetting offset rotary ink, rotary ink, etc., followed by UV drying ink, infrared drying ink, anhydrous version ink and various offset printing inks with heavy weight but large water absorption

in order to meet users' requirements for different grades of quality and price, different grades of inks are introduced for users' full selection according to the main printing requirements, including color, concentration, dryness, water resistance, printing speed, machine stability and other main ink quality indicators

in addition, in order to protect the environment and prevent pollution, foreign printing inks also put forward new requirements in terms of low toxicity and pollution-free. Environmental protection and pollution-free have been put forward as an important requirement by more and more users when purchasing inks, and have been widely concerned by users

II. Current situation of the domestic ink industry

in recent years, with the development of China's printing industry, the development pace of the domestic ink industry is also accelerating, With the introduction of a large number of imported and domestic high-speed offset printing machines, the introduction of domestic offset printing machines and the use of new printing substrates (for example, offset printing has expanded from the common use of coated paper, white paper, cardboard to matte paper, i.e. matte paper, gold paper, silver paper, aluminum foil paper and other printing substrates), new printing processes and special requirements for post-processing of printed products, ink enterprises rely on scientific and technological progress to continuously develop marketable new products, The aging products are improved, the product varieties are increasing, and the quality is gradually approaching the international advanced level. The innovation of ink production equipment and the improvement of production technology have also gradually attracted the attention of various manufacturers. Ink manufacturers also pay attention to collecting market information and constantly develop marketable new offset printing ink products, such as: high-end offset printing bright and fast drying ink, cardboard ink, matte paper ink (matte paper ink), rotary ink, cold set offset printing rotary ink, UV curing ink, offset synthetic paper ink The output of iron printing ink and the latest thermosetting offset rotary ink in China has increased year by year, and the quality has caught up with or approached the international advanced level, which has been recognized by printing customers at home and abroad. In addition to replacing the high-grade inks that needed to be imported in the past in the domestic market, some of them were also exported to the international market. Some high value-added special offset printing inks have also been successfully developed to meet the requirements of special printing. At present, most of the products in the general map of offset printing ink products can be produced by major domestic ink manufacturers, meeting the needs of the printing industry

in addition, major domestic ink manufacturers attach importance to the quality standardization and internationalization of offset ink products, and some ink products have reached the Pantone color standard of the United States. Ink enterprises have passed the ISO9000 series quality management system and ISO14001 series environmental management system certification, laying the foundation for domestic offset printing ink to participate in the international market competition with an exhibition area of 18000 square meters

at present, environmental friendly offset printing inks are also attracting more and more attention from printing users at home and abroad

III. main gap between domestic offset printing inks and similar foreign products

although the output of offset printing inks in China has been increasing in recent years, the product quality level has been improving, and the variety of ink designs and colors has been increasing day by day, there is still a large production gap between China and the industrial developed countries, and there are also many deficiencies in quality, which still can not meet the needs of today's printing, packaging, publishing and printing. The main gaps are as follows:

1. There is still a certain gap between the quality level and packaging level of domestic ink and similar products in the United States, Japan and Western European countries

2. There is still a gap in printing process requirements, high-speed adaptability, product quality consistency, ink stability, etc

3. The development of special inks is in a slow state, which can not meet the printing requirements of today's rapidly developing packaging and decoration, and some products are still in short supply. For example: offset printing water free ink, offset printing sun resistant ink, non aromatic offset sheet fed ink, non aromatic thermosetting offset rotary ink still need to be further developed and improved in quality

4. The four-color printing ink suitable for high-speed overprint printing still needs to be further improved in terms of high concentration, high transparency, brightness and excellent overprint

5. Environmentally friendly offset printing inks still need further development

therefore, the urgent problem to be solved by domestic ink manufacturers is to constantly stabilize and improve the quality of existing products, improve product packaging, improve the quality level of raw materials for ink production, realize high quality and serialization of existing products, meet market requirements, and constantly develop new products urgently needed by the market

IV. development trend of offset printing inks

since the 1990s, due to the rapid development and popularization of the color desktop plate making system, the international color printing market has undergone significant changes. Prints are growing rapidly towards color, and printing efficiency and quality requirements are higher. Therefore, offset printing, as an economic, efficient and flexible printing method to print high-quality prints, will still be a major printing method for a long time

as one of the raw materials of offset printing, the future development goal of offset printing ink should meet the needs of multi-color, high-speed, fast drying, no pollution and low consumption. We should absorb and learn from foreign advanced experience, face up to the current situation, find out the gap, catch up, maintain our own advantages, improve the quality of offset printing ink by introducing advanced technology and equipment, improving the level of ink production and equipment, technical level and product standardization, and work hard for the high quality and serialization of printing ink in China and the rapid development of ink industry in China

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