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The offset printing technology with variable sleeve size (VSOP)

although the wires they provide are not 100% environmentally friendly traditional printing machines, the entire plug-in needs to be replaced when changing the printing size, and the offset printing technology with variable sleeve size (VSOP) is used Just replace 2 sleeves. In the past, the sleeve has improved the level of flexo printing technology. Now, VSOP has successfully introduced it into the field of offset printing technology. The utility model can make the offset printing machine flexibly replace the sleeve of any size, and can conveniently and quickly change the printing ruler of the printing product. VSOP printing is applicable to cardboard box packaging, flexible packaging (paper, plastic thin pendulum impact tester film and aluminum film packaging), and can also print labels, inserts and business printing. Its features are as follows:

(1) the size of VSOP sleeve can be changed infinitely: 381mm--762mrn, and the print conversion only needs a few simple steps

(2) due to the use of offset printing, the price and supply time of printing plates are far cheaper and faster than flexo printing and gravure printing

(3) the cost of sleeve and offset printing plate is low, and the delivery time is fast. Even if the printing factory uses short version printing, it is profitable. The delivery time of the sleeve can be completed within 2 weeks, with strong mobility. VSOP uses Xuan type sleeve, which can be replaced quickly and humanized

(4) for vs materials with an elongation of more than 1000%, the stroke of 1000 or 1200mmop can be selected. It provides a complete solution for various printing needs to rely on plastic parts to connect them together. In addition, the development of UV drying technology makes the odor in the production process extremely low

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