90m2 decoration budget list

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Although the area of small family houses is small, their advantages are very obvious. On the one hand, they are cheaper and more cost-effective. On the other hand, if they are well decorated, they can be more warm and warm. Let's take a look at the 90 square meter decoration budget list with Wuhan Decoration editor

kitchen decoration in the budget list of small house decoration of 90 square meters:

specific contents of small house decoration of 90 square meters:

1. Laying of ceramic tiles: different specifications, prices and construction processes of ceramic tiles

2. Kitchen waterproof: clean the base + apply three layers of waterproof paint, 45 yuan per square meter

3. Kitchen and bathroom pipes: the sound insulation inner pipe is calculated according to the price of a single pipe, and the double pipe is calculated according to 1.5 times the quantity

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