You're in charge of good night, good dream. It's t

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How many nights have you been awakened by mosquitoes

how many wonderful dreams have been pierced by mosquitoes

I don't know if you have ever experienced this experience:

being asleep, but being awakened by buzzing mosquitoes

then you turn on the light immediately, but you can't see it

looking at the itchy red envelope bitten on his hand,

reluctantly turned off the light and continued to sleep ~

the North was still in the cold weather, but it was not known that the cold in the South had faded and entered the warm spring. The weather is warm, with mosquitoes. When the temperature is too high, mosquitoes are most likely to breed in the living area, and mosquito bites are impossible to prevent

for air circulation, opening doors and windows will inevitably be attacked by mosquitoes, and closing doors and windows tightly without air circulation is easy to breed bacteria. Even if the indoor air conditioner is turned on, windows should be opened frequently to ensure indoor air circulation

is your anti mosquito method safe

in addition to mosquito repellent incense and toilet water, you can also choose a durable screen door and window that is anti mosquito, anti-theft and durable

meishigu quality screen window can be opened in a variety of ways

multi color and multi-choice, and there is always one suitable for you

meishigu gauze net adopts 304# stainless steel 11 mesh 0.8mm super solid diamond gauze net, which is more translucent and beautiful, not easy to touch dust, and perfect mosquito prevention. At the same time, the industry has originally designed a tight gauze layering, which greatly enhances the anti-theft and bullet proof performance

the upper and lower screen windows

the movable fan slides flexibly and stably, and it is easy to install and disassemble

the sliding screen window

has large window width, wide field of vision, and takes up less space

the flat opening screen window

has simple structure, good ventilation and ventilation effects

the window screen integrated window

the window and the screen adopt an integrated design,

the window frame is shared, the window can be split, and the combination of

is integrated, reliable and beautiful

meishigu screen door and window, ventilation and mosquito prevention

the air circulates naturally for 24 hours, enjoying a comfortable cool wind




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