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Before the arrival of 520, Molike curtain Dongguan Dongcheng District specialty store specially held the second art flower arrangement Festival, which filled the joy of the festival with flowers and love

520 is a romantic day. It conveys your heart to your loved ones and adds more sweetness and happiness to your family. Before the arrival of 520, Molike Dongguan Dongcheng District specialty store specially held the second art flower arrangement Festival, which filled the joy of the festival with flowers and love

dozens of interested customers were welcomed on the day of the event, and the scene was full and lively

at 2:00 p.m., customers came to sign in one after another. The unique signing in ceremony attracted the favor of friends, big and small. Customers have covered their fingerprints and DIY their own exclusive patterns, with laughter rising one after another

in order to create a feeling of being at home to customers, all the staff of Dongcheng Molike worked day and night to prepare for many days. The event site was carefully arranged, and cake desserts and fruits were carefully prepared. There were also surprise red envelope interactive links, so that customers could leave good memories

in addition, a large number of gifts are also ready to be sent during the event, waiting for customers who place orders to take them home

at 4 p.m., the artistic flower arrangement officially began. The flower art teacher carefully explains the flower art production for customers and helps customers create unique flower art works. Customers who participated in the event said that the flower arrangement activities made them better understand the beauty of life and learn to create a more lively atmosphere for their homes

in the name of flowers, love life. Simple and beautiful flowers are placed in the basket in an orderly manner, and bundles of unique floral works are full of vitality and beautiful swaying. Return to the essence of life in the thick fragrance of flowers and find the fun of soft clothing art

the activity finally achieved gratifying results. In addition to learning the flower arrangement skills, all the staff also actively led customers to experience the art of molyk's soft clothing, moved customers with a very textured product experience, and completed the signing

here, I congratulate Dongcheng Molike on the success of the second art flower arrangement Festival, and look forward to the next beautiful encounter

in addition, In order to better meet the needs of consumers,

Molike released the

award winning survey on China's soft clothing consumption for Molike consumers

understand the attitude and behavior of molyk consumers through questionnaires

so as to better improve the work of the industry

provide consumers with better products and services

complete the questionnaire and have the opportunity to obtain exquisite customized gifts

welcome the majority of molyk consumers to actively participate in the award-winning survey

provide molyk with valuable reference data

molyk curtains have advanced production equipment and design The team consists of four modern chemical plants, namely, a weaving factory, a cotton and Thai factory, an embroidery factory and a finished product manufacturer. The huge R & D team integrates the cutting-edge design concepts into the five style series products of European charm, simple style, urban leisure, natural poetry and fashion elements. Every two seasons, 600 new products with original copyright are launched to keep your home at the forefront of the trend. The overall soft clothing categories such as curtains, wall coverings, window decorations and soft bags are well-known nationwide

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