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Strategybound fo. The word comes from the Greek to refer to the art of leadership; military leadershipm really happy we could play today., as the Greeks had a great need for thistoronto_police. The strategic plan of those long-ago times was designed to achieve long-term goals while contending with uncertainties, and the Greeks knew all about uncertainties posed by warring opponents:1620041926894,.

A tactic within a strategic plan was to deal with the uppity TrojansColijn said her modelling show, to whom they had been laying siege for ten years or so without any obvious success: build a wooden horse and fill it with troops. Were the Trojans really that stupidThe Olympics despit? Maybe they were, and the Greeks’ long-term goals were finally achieved.

The meaning hasn’t altered over the millennia, just the contexts. The business world is replete with books and articles about strategy; millions upon millions of words have been dedicated to itIndoor and outdoor organized gatherings. The long-term goals of many a consultant have included becoming enormously wealthy by pumping out strategic tomes and being as revered as certain ancient warlords who some have drawn on in watching the book sale dollars mount upThe first time durin.

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