The hottest earthquake affected Sinopec and PetroC

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The earthquake affected Sinopec and PetroChina plant to stop operations

it was learned from Sinopec that up to now, its southwest oil and gas branch has not suffered major losses, most of the gas wells have been closed, and some work areas greatly affected by the earthquake have stopped operations; The Northeast Sichuan work area is generally normal except for the collapse of some well mud tanks; Sichuan Chongqing Sales Branch suffered less

in addition, Sinopec refining and chemical in Sichuan is not their traditional advantage field. The enterprises are not affected by the earthquake. The dimethanol unit of Sichuan Vinylon plant was forced to stop operation due to pipeline cracking and other reasons. The top of the brick chimney of the power boiler of Xi'an Petrochemical Branch collapsed, and the Chongqing Branch of lubricating oil has arranged to temporarily stop operation to prevent secondary accidents

PetroChina is facing the problem of declining refinery output. It is reported that the management department required the shutdown of oil and gas wells, chemical plants and coal mines in the disaster area to ensure safety. At present, PetroChina has closed oil wells in the earthquake area and suspended local oil and gas transmission

PetroChina stressed that the current temporary shutdown will reduce the output of Lanzhou Refinery, the largest refinery in the West. The pipeline that previously provided oil and gas transmission to the earthquake area remained unchanged for 1240 kilometers, starting from Lanzhou and passing through Chengdu to Chongqing. The vertical equipment is smaller and easier to operate

it is understood that the refineries in Sichuan Province have not been greatly impacted at present

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