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Early comment on October 21: insufficient upward momentum PTA shock adjustment

Zhengzhou PTA futures fell on the 20th. The main 1101 contract closed at 8540 yuan/ton, down 1.5%, reducing 20500 positions. The strength of the dollar overnight depressed crude oil sharply. In terms of policy, the central bank's raising of the benchmark deposit and loan interest rate will put pressure on the entire commodity market, and PTA shock correction. However, the overnight sharp rise in crude oil and the decline in the US dollar will provide a cost reduction solution for metals or traditional composite materials. In addition, in the autumn peak demand season, high cotton prices support, but in the face of the central bank's interest rate hike and the appreciation of the RMB, PTA does not have the basis for rapid and substantial rise, and may be adjusted in the near future

the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) crude oil futures have another point, which is generally divided into two types: digital display and computer-controlled. The settlement price rose on the 20th, reversing the trend of falling by more than 4% in the previous trading day; This is because a government report on the 20th showed that the total inventory of crude oil and fuel oil in the United States fell, and the dollar fell. The settlement price of November light sweet crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose $2.28, or 2.9%, to $81.77 a barrel. As the contract expires at the settlement on the 20th, the trading of the contract in December is more active. The settlement price of crude oil futures contract in December rose $2.38 to $82.54 a barrel. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures contract on ICE Futures Exchange rose $2.50 to $83.60 a barrel. Boosted by the news that U.S. distillate inventories fell more than expected, the settlement price of November heating oil futures rose 6.55 cents, or 3%, to $2.2548 per gallon. The settlement price of November rbob gasoline futures rose 3.43 cents to $2.0826 per gallon

the closing price of Asia PX on the 19th was 1232 00 USD/ton FOB Korea, 1247 00 US dollars/ton CFR Taiwan, the price increased by 25 US dollars compared with the previous day

in terms of spot goods, the PTA spot market in Asia was flat and fell. The spot goods of Taiwan products in the market were quoted near 1050 US dollars/ton, the bonded goods were negotiated at 1040 US dollars/ton, and the shipping goods were negotiated at 1035 US dollars/ton. The spot price of Korean products is about USD/ton. The PTA Market in East China is light. The spot price is 8400 yuan/ton cash, the market search price is yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiation is around 8350 yuan/ton. The trading atmosphere is cold, such as 3D printing and heat dissipation

in the downstream, the export market of domestic water bottle tablets is sorted horizontally. The factory quotation is at the main port of FOB in USD/ton, and it is possible to negotiate near FOB in USD/ton. In South Korea, mainstream factories reported US $1400/ton FOB South Korea, with few transactions. Affected by the interest rate hike, the PTA market showed a weak negative situation, and the shipment intention increased; The atmosphere of fiber polyester is flat, and the price is basically maintained. Under the influence of the above factors, the East China water bottle film market is deadlocked and consolidated, and the factory quotation is still generally maintained at yuan/ton cash delivery or delivery, while the mainstream negotiation is near yuan/ton cash delivery. 5. Fully automatic fixture: from sample size measurement to clamping, some parts are slightly loose. Some of them are still leaving the factory at 10800 yuan/ton

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