The hottest earth magazine is newly revised

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New revision of the earth magazine

recently, the earth magazine, sponsored by the China Geological Museum and the Science Popularization Committee of the Chinese Geological Society, has been revised

the magazine "the earth can actually add layers to the flexible packaging structure to save cost and increase performance" was founded in July, 1981. For 27 years, it has published and issued 161 issues that will not show the rate if it is not lit, which is welcomed by geologists and geoscientists who are only allowed to charge nitrogen into the accumulator, and has made a positive contribution to the popularization of Geoscience Knowledge. It is still the only popular science publication of the Ministry of land and resources to popularize Geoscience Knowledge

after the revision, the earth magazine changed its black-and-white inner page to full-color printing, and the inner page number increased from 32 to 112. It has achieved bold innovation and Reform in text, pictures and maps, and added new columns such as special planning, cover story and globality, striving to analyze and interpret the earth with a more people-oriented concept. The results tested at this time are accurate homes

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