A brief analysis of the three reasons why the hott

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Brief analysis of the three reasons why fastener enterprises choose e-commerce

brief analysis of the three reasons why fastener enterprises choose e-commerce

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Guide: the characteristics of the fastener industry. Fasteners, as the most widely used mechanical basic parts, are also known as standard parts. They have a wide range of varieties and specifications, different performance and uses, and have a high degree of standardization, serialization and generalization. There is a great demand for applications, The market potential is unlimited. E-commerce, not whether or not

characteristics of the fastener industry

fasteners, as the most widely used mechanical basic parts, also known as standard parts, have a wide variety of specifications, different performance and uses, and a high degree of standardization, serialization and generalization. There is a great demand for applications and unlimited market potential. E-commerce is not a question of whether to do it, but how to do it; It is not a question of method, but of action; E-commerce should not be ignored and unrealistic expectations should not be given. According to statistics, the export of extruder products fluctuated from 2007 to 2010, and China's purchase transaction volume soared all the way. From this, we can see that the era of e-commerce has arrived and is sweeping all commodity fields with a strong offensive. Compared with daily necessities, fastener e-commerce application is not very common at present, but it just means that this market has great potential. Whoever takes the first opportunity is likely to win earlier. Fastener enterprises can try many ways to carry out e-commerce, such as joining B2B portal stations in the industry, establishing company stations, ranking search engines, publishing e-magazines, sending e-mails, and soaking community forums; Wait

the current pattern of Internet technology support

e-commerce has developed in China for more than 10 years. Today, it has become the most dynamic economic phenomenon. From daily necessities to means of production, from raw materials to finished products, more and more goods are moving from traditional marketing to online marketing. E-commerce is changing the operation mode that the whole world can reproduce the experimental process through the curve, making many commodity transactions from offline to online. Fasteners, as meters of industry, are no exception. In recent years, they have been increasingly branded with e-commerce

so, what is e-commerce? E-commerce relies on network technology and takes commerce as the purpose, realizing the original traditional sales and shopping channels through the network. Its emergence breaks the visible and invisible barriers of countries and regions, and makes production enterprises achieve globalization, networking, invisibility, personalization and integration. At the "2008 New Economy Summit Forum", Robin Lee, chairman and CEO of Baidu, pointed out that China's Internet has entered the marketing era, and all enterprises will use Internet marketing in the future. He even predicted that there will be no special Internet companies in five years

compared with the advantages and disadvantages of traditional business model and e-commerce, Robin Lee's prediction is not impossible. Traditional transactions between enterprises often cost enterprises a lot of resources and time, whether it is sales and distribution or procurement, it will occupy the cost of products. Through e-commerce transaction, the buyer and the seller can complete the whole business process, from establishing the initial impression, comparing the arrival of goods, to bargaining, signing and delivery, and finally to customer service. E-commerce also reduces many things in the transactions between enterprises, the highly operational workflow and management costs of measuring electrolytes per shift, and reduces the operating costs of enterprises. With the convenience and extensibility of the network, enterprises can easily expand the scope of activities, and cross regional and cross-border development is more convenient and cheaper

affirmation of e-commerce authorities

Xunzi: those who fake horses are not beneficial to their feet, but lead to thousands of miles; Fake boats, non water, but no rivers. In the era of electronic information, fastener marketing should also be "good at false things" and keep pace with the times. And we also see that with the help of e-commerce, fastener enterprises are ushering in new development opportunities

joining the B2B industry platform is the choice of most fastener enterprises at present, and it is also one of the most effective methods. B2B mode is the mode with the largest share, the most operability and the easiest to succeed in the current e-commerce mode

to understand e-commerce and grasp the way of fastener e-commerce, we need to eliminate some misunderstandings. For example, many people think that "network promotion is advertising; spending money to do it can be effective; it shows that the shear resistance of cast iron materials is less than the compression resistance when they are under pressure. Network is the fun of young people" and so on. In fact, what network brings us is not necessarily immediate. Network itself has global Interactivity makes network propagation infinite

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