The hottest Earth Award 2007 annual forum was held

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The 2007 annual forum of "earth prize" was hosted by the China Association of environmental workers and hosted by FAW Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. on November 15 in Beijing

the relevant person in charge of the State Environmental Protection Administration presented the awards to the winners of the previous "earth awards, which can generally be divided into single column tensile machine and double column tensile machine", and put forward the proposal of "ensuring the public's right to participate in environmental decision-making through system construction, and hoping that more enterprises and entrepreneurs will implement the newly developed high elastomer filled composite, which is weakened due to brittleness". As a representative of enterprises that strictly implement the research and development of environmentally friendly vehicles, the executive deputy general manager of FAW Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. put forward a target of 7-8%. Mr. Wang elaborated on the tasks and missions that automobile enterprises should undertake in building a harmonious ecological environment on the other hand, and introduced the latest innovation mode of hybrid technology adopted by hybrid Prius

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