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With the maturity of the communication market, the competition will become more intense in 2014. Communication merchants have increased their sales stores one after another compared with the length of 5.15M of S90, so as to seize more markets and increase the profits of the company. The following management problems have made merchants more headache. What ways or tools should be used to strengthen the contact and management around the country has become an urgent problem to be solved

Dadi communication is the only large communication group in China that has chain service, software development and network operation at the same time. As the best seller of and application products in China, including direct supply of famous brands at home and abroad such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Konka, Jinli, Tianyu, etc., it has service stores in 18 provinces and cities across the country, and has built the most advanced procurement and logistics distribution system in the country. With the development of the enterprise, the traditional methods of on-site meeting, e-mail, fax communication, etc. previously used have delayed the communication of the enterprise, often making a decision to be fully notified to the whole company in several days, and many market opportunities have been missed in vain

in order to change the current situation, Dadi communication decided to plan ahead, optimize the internal information communication mechanism in advance, and adopt a more convenient and opportunistic video conference system as the communication channel to deal with market competition. After comparison, geodetic communication found that the solution of hi tech () is not only very targeted, but also takes into account the short-term efficiency and long-term development of enterprises, and realizes the integration of instant messaging and video conference

the technicians of geodetic communication conducted a collective test and said that the seegle video conference system fully met their needs, After many tests, the relevant leaders "all the government process levels are also satisfied with the product, and quickly put the seegle video conference system into use, successfully establishing an advanced direct marketing and franchise integrated management system. After more than one month of use, Dadi communication is delighted to find and deploy seegle." After the video conference system, it not only optimizes the communication mechanism of enterprises, but also changes greatly in internal management and training

internal efficient management: through seegle video conference system, headquarters staff can carry out daily administrative meetings and training with colleagues in offices and business trips across the country, which can effectively improve work efficiency and training quality, save a lot of meeting costs and valuable time, and give full play to the advantages of authenticity, efficiency and real-time

at the same time, seegle video conference system provides a simple and effective collaborative office communication for Geodetic communication, so that users can interact with audio, video and data through the network, and the management of geodetic communication is more efficient

training of professional service team: Dadi communication has created a dedicated conference room on the seegle video conference system platform for internal remote training at any time. Lecturers and employees can be distributed all over the country. With the click of a mouse, they can participate in the training at any time, and conduct multi-dimensional communication of audio, video and text at the same time

the training materials can be uploaded and distributed before class, and the training can be archived after class, so as to ensure the quality of each training meeting and provide for future adjustment. Solution: the same as above or study. In this way, the staff quality, professional level and service level of Dadi communication have been greatly improved, which has won the further trust of consumers

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