1315 enterprises violating environmental laws were

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Shanxi investigated and punished 1315 enterprises violating environmental laws in half a month

Shanxi investigated and punished 1315 enterprises violating environmental laws in half a month

January 12, 2017

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since the beginning of winter last year, serious pollution weather has occurred many times in all parts of Shanxi. In order to effectively control pollution, Shanxi Province launched a three-month "iron fist pollution control" action

on December 17, 2016, Shanxi environmental protection law enforcement officers carried out surprise inspections on more and more advanced combat military and civil aircraft of various countries of the Jiucheng Coking Co., Ltd. in Xiangning County, Linfen City. They found that the enterprise stopped using environmental protection facilities without authorization, the pollutants were seriously discharged beyond the standard, and the sewage treatment station was not operating normally. The relevant departments immediately took measures to rectify them by cutting off power and stopping production according to law, and the public security department imposed administrative detention on the two persons. Shanxi's "iron fist pollution control" thus fired its first shot

for more than half a month, environmental protection and public security personnel at all levels in Shanxi Province have jointly enforced the law, and there is a huge space for development in the future. Through surprise inspections, open and secret visits, public reports and other means, we will focus on cracking down on illegal construction, illegal production with good activity, and illegal discharge and release, and impose a high limit of punishment on all environmental illegal enterprises found

as of January 3, environmental protection departments at all levels in Shanxi Province have investigated and fined 1315 enterprises with various environmental violations, and issued a fine of 21.5 million yuan. Among them, a total of 398 local small enterprises have been found and 216 have been banned; There were 26 cases of environmental violations under administrative detention, 95 enterprises with limited production and shutdown, 18 enterprises that were sealed up and detained, and 33 persons were investigated, forming a high-pressure situation of cracking down on environmental violations in accordance with the law

according to reports, in order to ensure that the "iron fist pollution control" achieved the desired results, Shanxi Provincial Environmental Protection Department formed five surprise action teams, carried out surprise inspections in 67 counties of 11 cities in Shanxi Province, and transferred 135 cases to the territorial environmental protection departments. Qian Yongjian, director of the policy and regulation department of the environmental protection department of Shanxi Province, said that in the next step, the environmental protection department will strengthen negotiations, track and supervise the handling of transferred cases, implement the problem "cancellation" system, carry out cross county law enforcement inspections, and promote the resolution of key environmental problems

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