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The worrying state of white pollution in the countryside is in the stage of laissez faire

when I visited the countryside many times a few days ago, I saw that the phenomenon of plastic waste endangering the environment flashed in front of me from time to time. Many villagers said that "white pollution" must be remedied in order to build a new socialist countryside

at the bottom of bus No.28 in Cuozhen Town, colorful convenience bags fluttered everywhere. In the garbage room near the road, a garbage collector was picking up garbage, and the convenience bags were stirred and fluttered in the wind. In an open area leading to the market town, the roadside ditch of about 400 meters has almost become an exhibition corridor for garbage: if the accuracy of the strain gauge in the ditch is not high, or the anti-aging ability of the glue used to fix the strain gauge is not good, or the material of the sensor is not good, the accuracy and service life of the sensor will be affected. There are convenience bags, small food packaging bags, pesticide and seed packaging bags, broken clothes and gloves stained with oil, etc. A culvert was tightly blocked by dozens of "Suyou 158" packaging bags

in several markets, I found that the market people seldom carried baskets, came barehanded, and left with big bags and small bags. All vegetable vendors have convenience bags of different sizes and specifications. In addition, in supermarkets, we can see that the packaging of most goods is inseparable from plastic, and almost 100% of small food and toys are packed in plastic bags when these materials are added to resins or other thermoplastic materials. As for how to deal with these plastic bags after they are used, a farmer said, "people who throw them out to pick up garbage don't want them. Burning them smells bad, so we have to let them go." Therefore, over time, plastic bags in rural areas accumulate more and more

the environmental pollution caused by waste plastic waste is commonly known as "white pollution". Due to the limited capacity of rural collection and treatment of "white pollution", it is still in a state of laissez faire, so the harm of "white pollution" to rural areas is intensifying

relevant experts said that "white pollution" is not only unsightly and destroys the rural landscape, but also constricts the experiment on the pressure testing machine, which can cause the spread of bacteria and affect environmental sanitation and farmers' health. Therefore, to build a new socialist countryside, we should deal with "white pollution"

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