Comprehensive dust prevention measures for the hot

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Comprehensive dust prevention measures for the mine

1. Wet drilling should be adopted during the construction of tunneling and blasting face

2. During blasting, water blasting mud sealing and blasting spray are used to reduce the dust generated during blasting

3. Lay the dust-proof water pipe to the head-on of the working face. Water should be sprayed first when loading rock (coal)

4. Purify the air flow and keep the air flow of the working face fresh

II. Establish a perfect dust-proof water supply system

1. Lay dust-proof water supply pipelines. Spray and water the lower mining face, transportation roadway, air return roadway, coal chute and unloading point to reduce the environmental impact of its production

2. Timely remove the floating coal in the roadway and wash the coal and rock dust around the roadway

III. personal protection

workers must wear dust protective equipment when drilling and loading

IV. after exploration, development and accumulation in 2015 and 2016, strengthen management

once such fractures occur

1, strengthen leadership, establish and improve dust prevention and dust detection institutions and systems

2. Strengthen the work management of dust prevention and dust measurement, and bring the work of dust prevention and dust measurement into the agenda of mine safety production

3. Predict and prevent occupational diseases. With the awareness of environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

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