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The electromagnetic brake comprehensively analyzes the mechanical parts that stop or decelerate the moving parts in the machine. Commonly known as brake, brake. The brake is mainly composed of brake frame, brake parts and control devices. Some brakes are also equipped with automatic adjustment devices for brake clearance. In order to reduce the braking torque and structural size, the brake is usually installed on the high-speed shaft of the equipment, but large equipment with high safety requirements (such as mine hoists, elevators, etc.) should be installed on the low-speed shaft close to the working part of the equipment

some magnetic particle brakes have been standardized and serialized, and are manufactured by professional factories for selection

electromagnetic brake is an ideal automatic actuator in modern industry. It mainly plays the role of transmitting power and controlling motion in mechanical transmission system. It has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, sensitive response, long service life, reliable use, easy to realize remote control and so on

it is mainly matched with series motors. It is widely used in metallurgy, construction, chemical industry, food, machine tool, stage, elevator, ship, packaging and other machinery, as well as braking in case of power failure (danger prevention)

the resistance torque that must be applied to stop or decelerate the mechanical running parts is called braking torque. Braking torque is the basis for designing and selecting brakes, and its size is determined by the type of machinery and working requirements. The performance of friction materials (brake parts) used on brakes directly affects the braking process, and the main factors affecting their performance are working temperature and temperature rise speed. The friction material should have high and stable friction coefficient and good wear resistance when doing the tensile test of ribbed steel samples. Friction materials are divided into metal and non-metal. The former commonly used are cast iron, steel, bronze and powder metallurgy friction materials, while the latter include leather, rubber, wood and asbestos

the brake that uses electromagnetic effect to realize braking is divided into electromagnetic powder brake, electromagnetic eddy current brake, electromagnetic friction brake and other forms

① electromagnetic powder brake: when the excitation coil is energized, a magnetic field is formed, and the magnetic particles are magnetized under the action of the magnetic field to form a magnetic particle chain, which is polymerized between the fixed magnet and the rotor, and the braking is realized by the binding force and friction of the magnetic particles. When the exciting current disappears, the magnetic particle is in a free and loose state, and the braking effect is released. This kind of brake has small volume, light weight, small exciting power, and the braking torque has nothing to do with the rotating speed of the rotating parts. The braking torque can be adjusted by adjusting the current, but the magnetic powder will cause wear of parts. It is convenient for automatic control and suitable for the drive system of various machines. ② Electromagnetic eddy current brake: a magnetic field is formed when the excitation coil is energized. The armature on the brake shaft rotates to cut the magnetic line of force and produce eddy current. The eddy current in the armature interacts with the magnetic field to form a braking torque. The electromagnetic eddy current brake is durable, easy to maintain, and has a wide range of speed regulation; However, at low speed, the efficiency is low and the temperature rises, so heat dissipation measures must be taken. This kind of brake is often used in machinery with vertical load. ③ Electromagnetic friction brake: the excitation coil is energized to generate a magnetic field, and the armature is attracted through the yoke, and the armature is braked through the coupling

in addition, it is also subdivided into dry single piece electromagnetic brake, dry multi piece electromagnetic brake, wet multi piece electromagnetic brake, etc

there are also braking methods, which can be divided into power on braking and power-off braking

electromagnetic brake is a connector that transmits the torque on the active side to the passive side. It can be combined, cut off or brake freely as needed. Because it uses electromagnetic force to act, it is called electromagnetic clutch and brake. It has the advantages of fast response speed and simple structure

function of electromagnetic brake:

electromagnetic brake is a device that stops the machine in a very short time; The brake can also be used to reduce or adjust the running speed of the machine in a short time

precautions for the use and installation of electromagnetic brake:

1. Please use the electromagnetic brake under the condition that there is no water, oil, etc. if the friction part is stained with water or oil, the friction torque will be greatly reduced, and the sensitivity of braking will also be poor. In order to avoid these situations in use, please add a cover

2. When using in dusty places, please put all the brakes in the box. The electromagnetic brake below 60kgm can use the upright type, even the higher model can also be used

3. Please use jis0401 H6 or js6 for the size of the long shaft used to install the brake. Please use one of the keys specified in JIS B for installing the shaft

4. In consideration of thermal expansion and other factors, the thrust of the installation shaft should be selected at 0. Less than 2mm

5. During installation, please adjust the suction gap mechanically to within plus or minus 20% of the specified value

6, please make 4 The bracket of thermocouple scanning device should be kept light. Do not use the bearing of brake to bear excessive pressure

7. For the screws used for assembly, please use spring metal sheets, adhesives, etc. to prevent relaxation

8. Use the frame on the mechanical side to maintain the lead, and at the same time, use the terminal board to make sure the connection

main performance and application scope of electromagnetic brake:

in terms of performance, it is mainly prominent: high-speed response, high durability, easy assembly and maintenance, no need for wear adjustment, reliable action, and torque adjustment

mainly used in

● packaging and packaging machinery: such as packaging machine, baling machine, packaging machinery, etc

● metal processing machinery: such as calender, wire drawing machine, punch machine, welding machine, copper wall and iron wall wire returning machine, cutting machine, pipe making machine, wire winding machine, etc; Professional manufacturers serve you

● mechanical work: lathes, milling machines, automatic CNC machines, special machines, etc

● handling machinery: cranes, feeders, conveyors, winders, hoists, etc

● paper machinery: bag making machine, carton machine, slave cutter, book making machine, cutting machine, paper copying machine, etc

● printing machinery: rotary machine, feed printer, etc

● woodworking machinery: sawing machine, woodworking machine, plywood machinery, etc

● transaction machinery: electronic copier, computer, fax machine, copper counting machine, printer, etc

● measuring machinery: testing machine, durability test device, measuring machine, etc

● food processing machinery: meat cutting machinery, cake making machinery, bottling machinery, flour making machine, etc

● others: reducer, electroplating device, physical and chemical machinery, paper making machinery, resin processing machinery, etc. (end)

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