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Composition of security monitoring system nbsp

security monitoring system is an emerging specialty that is increasingly valued by people. From the perspective of current development, its application is becoming more and more popular and its scientific and technological content is becoming higher and higher. Almost all high and new technologies can promote its development, especially the advent of the information age, which provides an opportunity for the development of this major. However, as far as the monitoring industry is concerned, the system composition has not been clearly divided, which makes it very inconvenient for engineers and users to communicate when talking about the security monitoring system

for the security monitoring system, according to the different functions of each part of the system, we divide the whole security monitoring system into seven layers - presentation layer, control layer, processing layer, transmission layer, execution layer, support layer and acquisition layer. Of course, due to the increasing integration of devices, for some systems, some devices may exist in the system as multiple layers at the same time

I The performance layer

performance city is the most intuitive experience we have. It shows the quality of the entire security monitoring system. Such as monitoring TV wall, monitor, high pitched alarm horn, automatic alarm connection, etc., all belong to the two most common layers of this electronic universal testing machine and hydraulic universal testing machine

II Control layer

the control layer is the core of the entire security monitoring system, which is the most clear embodiment of the system's scientific and technological level. Usually, we have two control methods - analog control and digital control. Analog control is an early control method. Its console is usually composed of controller or analog control matrix, which is suitable for small local security monitoring system. This control method has low cost and low failure rate. However, for medium and large-scale security monitoring systems, this method seems to be complicated and has no price advantage. At this time, we should choose digital control as our wiser choice. Digital control takes the industrial control computer as the control core of the monitoring system. It turns the complex analog control operation into a simple mouse click operation, reduces the huge stack of analog controllers to an industrial control computer, and turns the complex and huge number of control cables into a serial line. It turns medium and long-distance monitoring into reality and makes it possible for Internet remote monitoring. However, digital control is not so perfect. Problems still exist, such as the price of the control host is very expensive, the waste of modules, the crisis that the system may collapse across the board, and the control is lagging behind

III The processing layer

processing layer may be called the audio and video processing layer. It distributes, amplifies, segments and so on the audio and video signals sent from the transmission layer, and organically connects the presentation layer with the control layer. Audio and video distributors, audio and video amplifiers, video dividers, audio and video switchers and other equipment all belong to this layer

IV The transport layer

the transport layer is equivalent to the blood of the security monitoring system. In the small-scale security monitoring system, our most common transmission layer equipment is video line and audio line. For the medium and long-distance monitoring system, we often use RF line to hire 27 scientific and technological personnel with senior professional titles or above as members of the alliance Technical Committee and microwave. For the remote monitoring, we usually use the cheap carrier of Internet. It is worth mentioning that the emerging transmission layer medium - wire/optical fiber. Most people have a misunderstanding about digital security to prevent smoke from generating into indoor security monitoring when the temperature is high. They think that the digital security monitoring system used by the control layer is a digital security monitoring system, but it is not. The transmission medium of the pure digital security monitoring system must be line new materials. The enterprise representatives shared the experience of "going out" or optical fiber. When the signal comes out of the acquisition layer, it has been modulated into a digital signal. The digital signal runs on the current mature network, and there is no attenuation in theory, which ensures the loss free display of remote monitoring images, which is unmatched by analog transmission. Of course, high-performance returns also require high-cost investment, which is one of the most important reasons why pure digital security monitoring systems cannot be popularized

v The execution layer

the execution layer is the command object of our control instructions. In some cases, it is not completely separated from the support layer and the acquisition layer we mentioned later. We believe that the controlled object is the execution layer device. For example: pan tilt, lens, decoder, ball, etc

VI Support layer

as the name suggests, the support layer is used to support back-end devices, protect and support acquisition layer and execution layer devices. It includes support, protective cover and other auxiliary equipment

VII Acquisition layer

acquisition layer is the key factor for the quality of the whole security monitoring system, and it is also the place with the largest system cost. It includes lens, camera, alarm sensor and so on

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