Composition of the most popular Baimei touch query

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Composition of huibaimei touch query all-in-one machine

I. classification of LCD screen

1. LED screen

2. LCD screen

led screen has the advantages of high brightness, low power consumption, bright colors, light volume and weight, low heat, and durability

II. Infrared touch frame:

infrared touch frame adopts tempered glass as the touch. The large plastic market has several 10 sides. High precision touch technology, sensitive response, strong stability, dustproof, waterproof, explosion-proof, long service life, and can be transmitted over a relatively long distance

III. query software:

the query software is simple to operate, with beautiful background pictures and beautiful background music. In addition, the query personnel feel comfortable in the process of querying information

IV. advertising machine shell (customizable)

v. computer host (configuration can be customized)

VI. led/lcd power supply

VII. 8W power amplifier horn

universal experiment of mechanics for college teaching oil source cabinet: an organic combination of hydraulic source and Piano table cabinet

focus on the wholesale of small household appliances

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