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Datang Packaging Color Printing Co., Ltd. composite environmental protection waterproof tarpaulin project

I. project construction content and scale

project construction raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse, workshop, office building, etc. 21000 square meters; Purchase sldl00 wire drawing machine, pzm200 flat loom, tf210 coating machine, RF hot sealing machine, fe300 industrial sewing machine, etc

the annual output of polyethylene plastic woven cloth is 8000 tons

II. Market analysis

composite and environment-friendly waterproof tarpaulin adopts the patented technology of Beijing Institute of chemical technology. It has the characteristics of high strength, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, high extensibility, waterproof and UV radiation resistance. It is widely used as water-proof materials in salt industry, construction industry and military. At present, the international market needs 1.5 million tons every year. South Africa Yahong trading company is willing to act as the agent of this product. The annual sales volume is expected to exceed 10000 tons, which is in great demand. The domestic market is also in short supply

III. total investment of the project

the total investment of the project is US $10.36 million, including construction investment of US $5.99 million and working capital of US $4.37 million

in the construction investment: 1.81 million US dollars for construction projects, 3.43 million US dollars for equipment, and 760000 US dollars for others

IV. economic benefit prediction

after the project is put into operation, the annual sales income will increase by 13.01 million US dollars. The elimination method is to remove the dial for low-precision glass yuan, with an annual profit and tax of 3.23 million US dollars, an annual profit of 2.09 million US dollars, an investment profit and tax rate of 31.2%, and an investment payback period of 4.5 years

v undertake "China attaches great importance to the development of new material industry. Company profile

Tangshan Datang Packaging Color Printing Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, has fixed assets of 16million yuan and 25 technicians of all kinds. It mainly produces various packaging films and packaging bags for food, medicine, chemical industry, etc., with an annual sales revenue of 28million yuan.

VI. cooperation mode

joint venture, cooperative operation, investment attraction, etc.

VII. Project contact

Tangshan business China Merchants Service Office

mailing address: No. 14, Meiyi Road, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, China, postal code: 063000

: Fax:

email: tscomip@

(information source: Hebei Tangshan business window, local business window)

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