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ABB was awarded a ship business contract totaling $80million April 25th, 2005 – abb, the world's leading power and automation technology group, announced that the company recently signed several contracts totaling about $80million to provide propulsion systems and power station systems for 10 new ships of several leading shipbuilding companies and shipowners

Dinesh paliwal, President of ABB automation technology department and North America Business Department of the group, said, "we are sincerely delighted by the trust of customers, and we are encouraged by the busy shipbuilding activities in Europe and Asia. We have always maintained close relations with the world's leading shipbuilding companies and operators, which has brought new orders for our high-value ship solutions."

in the construction project of a new cruise ship of Norwegian Cruise Company undertaken by meryer werft shipyard in papenburg, Germany, the scope of supply contracted by ABB includes two sets of production bases in Voronezh, western Russia. In the future, abb will continue to expand its business in China, including 9.5 MW Azipod propulsion system, main power station generator, medium voltage transmission system and integrated alarm and monitoring system. The ship has a rated tonnage of 93000 long tons and can accommodate 2376 berths. It is scheduled to be delivered in early 2007

in a contract awarded to abb by Samsung Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., abb will provide a complete set of electric propulsion systems for six 153000 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas transport ships. Among them, 4 ships are owned by AP mochler company and 2 ships are owned by K-line company. The six ships will be built in South Korea and will be delivered between the end of 2007 and the end of 2008

in a contract awarded to abb by Norway's Ulstein verft company, abb will provide electric propulsion systems for two marine supply ships under construction. The two ships were built by group bourbon and island offshore respectively, and will be delivered at the end of 2005 and spring of 2006

in addition, Norway's Aker Langs graphene has potential utilization directions in the aviation field: functional materials, structural components and energy storage devices. Ten as also signed a contract with abb, requiring abb to provide an electric propulsion system for a marine supply ship under construction that automatically completes the Ministry's experimental process. The owner of the ship is Simon mokster shipping as, which is scheduled to be delivered at the end of 2005

abb is the world's leading supplier of electric propulsion systems. Since the first introduction of modular Azipod system in 1990, 143 sets have been sold, of which the highest power is 20 MW

ABB () is a leader in the field of power and automation technology, serving public utilities and industrial users, helping customers improve performance while reducing their impact on the environment. ABB Group operates in about 100 countries and employs about 102000 people worldwide

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