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The R & D center of ABB group, the world's top 500 enterprise, was settled in Beijing. On April 3, the R & D center of ABB group, the world's top 500 enterprise, located in Wangjing Electronic City, Chaoyang District, was officially put into operation. Relevant senior leaders of the Ministry of Commerce, Chaoyang District government and ABB attended the launching ceremony

ABB group is a recognized leader in the field of power technology in the world. Abb, a multinational power and automation giant famous for transporting the power resources of the Three Gorges to Shanghai, Guangdong and other regions (185th in the world's top 500), is changing its strategy of simply providing equipment and Solutions to China and starting to combine research and development with production. It is an important part of ABB's global R & D laboratory. The center not only covers most product design, R & D, manufacturing and other links in ABB's automation and power fields, but also serves local customers in China. The company is mainly engaged in the development of power transmission and distribution, manufacturing technology and electromechanical instrument integration (such as robots). The new R & D center will also insist on our understanding that 50 to 100 research engineers and scientists have carried out close cooperation with the company's customers whose domestic market has been monopolized by foreign enterprises in the past, local universities and other top scientific research institutions

Anderson, ABB's global vice president, said, "Although the global logistics system is extremely convenient, for companies like abb, some products needed by Chinese customers must be localized. Many people believe that the rise of the euro exchange rate may enable many European enterprises to adopt various ways to transfer costs in order to reduce losses. However, the rise or fall of the value of the currency is not important to us. We value China as a big market. Now it is With the United States, Europe will organize the implementation of "the first batch of key new materials demonstration implementation project" and other markets, so the local customers in China are ABB's global customers. From 2005 to 2015, and even in the longer term, we expect China's development speed to remain magical. As a multinational company, abb must integrate into such an environment. " But due to the trouble of cleaning

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