Abb, the winner of the most popular chapek award a

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Abb, the winner of the most influential brand award of the chapek award, creates an ideal auto stamping automation workshop

an ideal car, which is a new domestic car making force listed as the head enterprise of new energy vehicles together with Weilai, Weima and Xiaopeng. It has created an ideal stamping automation production line for ideal cars, with a total of 7 sets, and the automation rate reaches 100%

in addition to seven confidence robots (four IRB 7600fx robots and three IRB 6660 robots) for extruder enterprises, abb also provides a line head destacking magnetic separation system, a feeding system in front of the press, and a straight-line transmission system between the presses. 1. These are additional strains caused by changes in the sensitive grid resistance of strain gauges caused by temperature changes The whole stamping line, such as the six axis robot receiving system at the end of the line, provides a complete turnkey project for the ideal vehicle to produce its new energy SUV

this research result shows that the difference between ABB linear seven axis robot synchronous control stamping automation line and the past is that in the past, most presses were linear seven axis robot stamping automation lines in intermittent mode. However, as enterprises have higher and higher requirements for production, abb provided stamping lines in continuous mode. Because the energy consumption of the press in the continuous mode is lower, the service life of the clutch of the press is longer. At the same time, the new national standard GB 31604.1 ⑵ 015 clearly requires that selecting food simulants according to the food or food type that the product is expected to contact can also prolong the service life of the mold. This further improves the automation requirements of the stamping line. The robot needs to cooperate with the press to carry out synchronous handling in continuous mode

Through R & D and program control, abb has realized the highly difficult robot synchronous control stamping automation system under the continuous mode of the press, and the production beat is 12spm, which has reached the leading level in the industry. It is the first robot synchronous control stamping line for abb to produce parts

The automatic stamping production line built by ABB Robot for ideal cars can reduce the energy consumption of the press by 30%, prolong the service life of the die by 20%, reduce the production cost for customers, and truly improve the competitiveness of enterprises

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