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13 new trend concepts of digital publishing

news: the development of digital publishing has been driven by new technologies and concepts. Let's pay attention to the bright trend concepts in 2013

1. DR (EA) m publishers will abandon digital rights management technology (DRM) and invest in the use of digital recognized ebook anonymity mechanisms (dream), which allows users to share and disseminate digital products anonymously and freely. No one will refuse your uploaded e-books, just as there will be no companies covering GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS... That will not sell you goods because you use stolen credit cards to buy things. Dream software is equivalent to allowing pirates to freely transmit e-books on the information superhighway

2. With the role of publishers gradually evolving into a new ultra intensive work group, workflow integration will strengthen our productivity and improve work efficiency

3. Years station education is a topic that digital publishers will always love. How will we learn? Why study in this way? In 2013, we will see publishers cater to the needs of consumers to explore what makes people thirst for more knowledge. This site is very popular. Many learners report that learning here has a feeling of time flies

4. Antisocial media (also known as discorruption) is different from 2012, when the media try to win the audience in a friendly way. 2013 will usher in a new era of vicious social media, capturing plastic garbage gathered together with the movement of water, and the relationship between publishers and readers will continue to deteriorate. Make your communication team ready to go, because negative words are also a way to stimulate revenue. For example, turn you into f $k you

5. Crazy metaphor we are only in the initial stage of strengthening the description of digital publishing. Why use some nonsense to explain the current situation of digital publishing? The digital publishing industry in 2013 will be full of metaphorical concepts

ub 10 in the context of the rapid development of e-book technology, the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) will directly skip seven iterations of ePub and release ePub 10. Its new functions include space-time travel in books, personalized and interactive question and answer design. Unfortunately, there is no corresponding device on the market to support its operation

7. Metadata metadata will be a new market in the future, but what role will it play? New and more complex metadata will support matching the personalized reading habits of e-book users and promote a new round of e-book differentiation

8. Since its publication in 2012, it has become the mainstream since its publication. When scarce resources became new wealth, writers began to print on demand. This new way of desktop publishing is bound to set off a boom among more private authors, because many authors only want to publish this book for themselves

ok this is a short electronic publishing format, which will become popular in 2013

10. To prepare for the placement of samples, we have mastered the advanced vertical publishing, and now it is time to turn to horizontal content multi platform publishing. Time waits for no man, so publishers need to establish a platform in time to sort and screen different customers. This rolling publishing method will be launched in the new year

rg yes, maybe this will be the most anticipated development in 2013. The new augmented reality scene function and fast response code function will be added to the new standard of 3dism respectively. (oh, actually, that has happened... However, let's continue to look forward to 2013!)

12. Super subscription 2012 electronics is a device composed of strain gauges, elastic components and some accessories, compensation components, protective covers, wiring sockets and loading parts, which can turn a certain mechanical quantity into power output. Book subscription has become popular, but don't worry, because with the improvement of the new subscription model, some real super events will happen in 2013. Why limit yourself to publishing? The super subscription is operational, and the brand level of the value chain can be obtained through the licensing network, and Lord David Cameron and Sir Richard Branson will follow up regularly

13. Digital migration local digital content users will soon get tired of baby boomers and Gen X invading their fields, take a hostile position against them, and put forward the idea of digital Utopia to consume e-books in a pure way. Digital outflow ensures that users can read e-books in a simpler way, where they can send photos and discuss various events such as Disney's acquisition of Lucas. They are completely free to read the works of various writers. There is no doubt that the future will be to encourage the optimization of digital methods

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