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ABB builds the world's first island with renewable energy

Zurich, Switzerland. On July 19, 2011, abb, the world's leading power and automation technology group, recently announced that it will provide leading solutions for the construction project of El Hierro island in Spain and support the island to become the world's first island with full use of renewable energy. The total investment of El Hierro Island renewable energy construction project is US $87 million, including the construction of wind power and pumped storage power stations. The whole project will eventually provide sufficient power supply for 11000 residents on the island. ABB's leading power and automation technology plays an important role in the project construction

el Hierro island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 1500 kilometers away from the coast of Spain. It is the smallest and farthest island in the Canary Islands, a famous European sunshine resort. Like other islands far from land, El Hierro island has been using oil tankers to transport diesel oil from the mainland wharf to the island for power generation. This way of carbon emission is very large. El Hierro island produces 18200 tons of carbon dioxide every year only from power generation, and the new renewable energy projects can significantly reduce carbon emissions

The El Hierro Island project includes the construction of an 11.5 MW wind power station and an 11.3 MW pumped storage power station. They can meet 80% of the power needs of 11000 residents on the island, and the remaining 20% will be met through the solar collector and the oil tank of the photovoltaic system power generation pump station

abb is at the core of the project construction, providing leading power and automation solutions to realize the electrification and control of pumped storage power stations, and smoothly integrate the power generated by wind power stations and hydropower stations into the power in the island

the solutions provided by ABB include the construction of a substation equipped with unigear and unimix medium voltage switchgear, which is responsible for transmitting the power generated by five wind turbines and water turbine generator units to the main substation on the island through distribution transformers and the reliance ref 670 intelligent protection system

with the improvement of living standards, the smooth installation of automatic generation control system (AGC) is a major challenge that abb has successfully overcome. The system mainly ensures the stability of the frequency and voltage of the power station by distributing the active and reactive power of the generator and connecting lines, so that the power station can cope with greater load fluctuations and maintain stable operation in cooperation with local vocational colleges

in the two pump stations, abb motors, frequency converters and dry-type transformers ensure the stable operation of the water pump and the smooth and efficient operation of the whole workflow, while minimizing energy consumption and reducing equipment losses

el Hierro island construction project is controlled by ABB distributed control system (DCS). The control system is based on ABB's extensible automation system 800xA platform, which is responsible for controlling the operation of four water turbine generator units, pumped storage, new and existing substation facilities, and realizing communication with the new wind farm

important control oil communicates with the wind farm. ABB control system can automatically control the upstream reservoir to discharge water to the hydropower station for power generation when the wind farm power generation cannot meet the local power demand. When there is excess wind power, wind power can be used to pump water to the upstream reservoir to produce hydropower in case of insufficient wind power

lcaria island in Greece is building its own hydropower and wind power projects in accordance with the renewable energy power generation model of El Hierro island. The entire power industry is also paying close attention to the progress of this project to consider the construction of similar facilities on a larger scale

the general contractor of El Hierro island is elecnor, a Spanish power company, which chose abb to provide relevant equipment

abb is a leading enterprise in the field of power and automation technology, ranking among the global top 500. Abb is committed to helping power, utilities and industrial customers improve their performance while reducing their impact on the environment. ABB Group has businesses in more than 100 countries around the world, with 124000 employees. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including R & D, manufacturing, sales and engineering services, with 16300 employees, 31 local enterprises and sales and service networks in 80 cities across the country. To learn more about abb, please visit

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