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Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, abb and China have developed together - enterprise society

over the past 30 years, abb has not only participated in China's economic construction, but also actively engaged in environmental protection while its business continues to develop, contributing to the sustainable development of Chinese society

ABB participates in the sand control and sand forest project in Inner Mongolia

while China's economy is developing rapidly, it is also facing increasingly serious problems of environmental degradation and energy shortage. The state has set energy conservation and emission reduction as an important task during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, and called on the whole society to work together to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. ABB actively responds to the call of the government. On the one hand, it provides efficient and environmentally friendly products and technologies for all industries in China. On the other hand, its biggest advantage lies in its lighter proportion, low odor, recyclability and good processing design. It applies the environmental protection strategy to its own production and operation to minimize the impact of enterprise operations on the environment

at present, ABB's leading power and automation technology has been applied to all aspects of enterprise production and social life to help Chinese industries cope with environmental challenges and achieve efficiency and energy conservation: in the Three Gorges project, the three HVDC transmission lines constructed by ABB can save power losses for 500000 households every year; ABB's efficient ship propulsion system helps all kinds of ships improve the efficiency of diesel engines, save 15% of fuel and reduce exhaust emissions; ABB's inverter products have saved 35billion kwh of electric energy for Chinese enterprises, which can meet the one-year electricity consumption of all households in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Chongqing...

in order to protect the environment, abb requires all manufacturing plants of the company to strictly comply with international environmental standards such as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. By optimizing industrial processes and transforming production equipment, ABB's enterprises in China have continuously enhanced their environmental protection level. Take Shanghai ABB Motor Co., Ltd. as an example: the company uses water-based surface paint to replace solvent based surface paint in the production process, which can reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds by 20 tons per year; By improving the process flow, the company has also realized the recycling of production water

with the development of its business in China, whenever ABB builds new plants or expands existing plants, it will take energy conservation and emission reduction as the key link of the whole project and apply environmental protection products and technologies on a large scale. For example, by adopting ABB application intelligent system, ABB's plant can maximize the use of natural light sources and reduce power consumption; The application of thermal insulation building materials reduces the energy consumption of refrigeration in summer and warmth preservation in winter

ABB Xiamen employees participated in the water for life volunteer action to eradicate the exotic plant Lantana

according to statistics, from 2002 to 2007, ABB's power consumption per million yuan of sales revenue in China decreased by 48%, and per capita water consumption decreased by 36%. Use your own practical actions to protect the environment

as a leading enterprise in the field of power and automation, abb also uses its industry influence to drive upstream and downstream partners and promote the whole industry to contribute to the cause of environmental protection. For a long time, abb has carried out various forms of cooperation with suppliers at all levels to help them improve their awareness and level of environmental protection production. So far, abb has conducted nearly 150 reviews and provided relevant training on environmental protection and health for suppliers in China

abb has also actively participated in a number of public welfare and environmental protection activities, working with local communities and customers to jointly protect the ecological environment. In 2007, abb, together with Inner Mongolia electric power (Group) Co., Ltd. and its Erdos Electric Power Bureau, jointly launched a three-year sand control project, which is expected to harness more than 10000 mu of sand, creating a "green barrier" for the capital and northwest power corridor. So far, abb and Inner Mongolia electric power (Group) Co., Ltd. have jointly donated 1.2 million yuan for this environmental protection project. Since 2005, abb has also actively participated in the construction of green belts around the Three Gorges Reservoir area, improving the ecological environment of the Three Gorges Reservoir area

be an excellent corporate citizen

in China, abb has always been committed to undertaking society and supporting the development of public welfare undertakings. In order to maximize the role of a corporate citizen in society, abb not only actively participates in charitable donations, environmental protection, support for education and other public welfare undertakings, but also makes full use of its own technology, expertise and experience to provide support for social development

ABB helps Chinese people fight the snow disaster in the South

when China faces natural disasters, abb always extends a helping hand in time. After the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan Province, abb provided three charitable donations to residents in the affected areas, totaling 11.45 million yuan. In addition, abb has sent a number of technical personnel to the disaster area to repair the damaged power facilities. During the snow disaster in central and southern China in 2008, abb not only timely sent the money to the poor victims who needed help most, but also actively supported the local power enterprises in fighting ice and snow and maintaining electricity. ABB's technical personnel are on standby on site to provide timely and effective technical support for enterprises. In addition, abb also actively mobilized global resources and introduced ABB's effective experience in helping power enterprises in the United States and Canada fight the snow disaster to relevant Chinese departments

education is related to the future of the country. ABB supports the all-round development of China's education through various forms. In order to promote the development of higher education, the senior management of ABB company actively gives advice and suggestions for the construction of Chinese colleges and universities. Dr. Ke Tingan, vice president of ABB (China) Co., Ltd. and head of the research center, is currently a member of the Industrial Advisory Committee of Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University, providing advice for the development and construction of the University and the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality. Donating money to help students is another long-term action of abb to support China's education. ABB has subsidized poor college students for four consecutive years through the "new Great Wall student aid fund for poor college students". At present, more than 1000 students from 37 colleges and universities across the country have benefited from it. In addition to paying attention to the growth of high-end talents such as college students, abb also trains young skilled workers by combining education and funding to make up for the shortcomings of the domestic technical talent market

in the 30 years of reform and opening up, China has encountered many problems in the process of social development. Facing the multiple challenges of economy, environment and society, governments at all levels need to learn from and learn from international successful experience to achieve sustainable development. ABB executives have always paid attention to the development and construction of Chinese cities, and actively served as international consultants to many local governments to provide advice and suggestions for regional development: Mr. Feng Enbo, chairman of ABB group, provided advice and suggestions to the mayor of Beijing; Mr. Haokun, the chief executive officer, served as a consultant to the mayor of Shanghai; Mr. yukol, the executive vice president of the group, is a member of the international economic advisory group of the mayor of Chongqing; Mr. Lu Yipu, executive vice president of the group, provided development suggestions to the governor of Guangdong Province. These strategic consultations of ABB group help local governments better cope with various challenges and enhance their international competitiveness

ke Ruisi, President of ABB North Asia and chairman and President of ABB (China) Co., Ltd. (middle) and leaders of Shanghai Charity Foundation visited the elderly in Enguang nursing home

in fact, ABB group, from top management to ordinary employees, has reached such a consensus on the enterprise's society: the enterprise should first start from itself, manage and drive employees to fulfill society, then affect employees' families, and benefit their communities Cities and countries, so that the positive contribution and beneficial impact of enterprises on society gradually spread to a wider range of people from point to area, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the burden on the country and benefiting the public

president of ABB North Asia Mr. Ke Rui, chairman and President of ABB (China) Co., Ltd., felt more and more difficult in this process. Mr. Si said: "it is ABB's mission to be an excellent corporate citizen and actively undertake the society. The development of enterprises is not only their own development, but also should drive a wider range of people to jointly apply to various fields of decoration and industrial use, and promote the physical properties of our community and city resins to have a certain change: 1,3-butane-2-ene can do it "I" provide low-temperature ductility and impact resistance, and the city and the country make common progress. "

it is a long way to realize the sustainable development of society, and it is difficult to find a solution to all kinds of social, economic and environmental problems overnight, but as long as everyone and every enterprise fulfill the social responsibility, our every day will become better

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