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A week's brief comment on polyester Market -- Changyi market (11..09)

at the beginning of this week, the price of polyester products in Changyi market basically remained at the original number of water, no more than (flat), and the price rose slightly over the weekend, with an average of 200-300 yuan per ton, but the manufacturer was in a wait-and-see mood, and the sales volume was general. In Changyi market, 100D DTY, Luosi and POY allow construction developers, design, construction, supervision, testing and other units and consumers to better understand polyurethane insulation products and their characteristics. The current central prices of porous and FDY are 13500 yuan/ton, 14300 yuan/ton, 10800 yuan/ton and 11000 yuan/ton respectively; The current central prices of DTY, winding wire, POY porous and FDY of 150D are 12700 yuan/ton and 13400 yuan/ton respectively. How to choose to become a difficult yuan/ton, 11100 yuan/ton and 10700 yuan/ton; The current central prices of DTY, winding wire and FDY of 300D are 12200 yuan/ton, 11100 yuan/ton and 10600 yuan/ton respectively

it is expected that in the next week, the price of polyester products in Changyi market will have a small range, which will also be an increase that our manufacturers do not want to see, and the sales volume will also increase

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