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ABB technology that changes the world - ship propulsion device

abb's Azipod propulsion system has had a huge impact on the operating efficiency of ships and other offshore work platforms, which can reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 25%

azipod (English abbreviation for pod electric propulsion system) was jointly launched by ABB and Finland's Kvaerner Masa yards shipyard in 1990, As the world's first propulsion system installed in a rotating pod outside the hull, Azipod has opened a new chapter in ship technology

ABB's breakthrough and innovative technology in the fields of AC motors, frequency converters, power semiconductors and propulsion systems is enough to achieve the purpose of waterproof. Azipod is an electrically driven propeller propulsion system installed in the pod. The pod can rotate 360 around the vertical axis connecting the hull, generating thrust in any direction, so that the ship has unprecedented maneuverability

the high-efficiency motor installed in the pod is controlled by the frequency converter on board. The electricity produced by ABB generators can meet the needs of the propulsion system and the whole ship

azipod system has significant advantages such as low fuel consumption, high speed, better maneuverability, low noise and compact shape. Generally, it can reduce the energy consumption of ships in open waters by 5-15%, or even as high as 25%

up to now, more than 80 ships have been installed with Azipod devices, including the application of some extreme conditions, such as icebreakers, luxury cruise ships, survey ships, offshore supply ships, drilling platforms, ferries and yachts. The cumulative running time of Azipod has exceeded 5million hours

compared with traditional shafting propulsion and rudder propeller propulsion systems, Azipod not only saves fuel, but also greatly improves fluid efficiency and takes up less hull space. The Azipod system improves the operational maneuverability of the ship, enabling the ship to travel freely in a narrower range of water performance reliability under worse sea conditions. In addition, because the noise and vibration are almost eliminated, Azipod also greatly improves the comfort of passengers, especially for luxury yachts

on the basis of the award-winning first generation azopod, abb launched the second generation azopod XO in 2009, further improving the energy efficiency of ships

this new technology integrates a variety of Azipod solutions suitable for large and small ships, such as counter rotating Azipod suitable for container ships, liquefied natural gas ships, ice breakers and other ice area ships, and high thrust Azipod suitable for applications such as drilling platforms. The following are a few of a large number of successful cases of Azipod:

save 25% fuel for Chinese railway ferries

China Railway Bohai railway ferry was officially put into operation in 2007. It will cross Dalian in Bohai Bay and realize a smooth transition without impact during switching; And Yantai City (185 kilometers apart). ABB has provided power and propulsion solutions for three ferries, each of which can carry 50 railway trucks, 50 20 ton trucks, 25 cars and 400 passengers. According to the relevant information of Bohai Railway Ferry Co., Ltd., these ferries save 25% energy than traditional ro ro ships

save a lot of fuel for Japanese high-speed ferries

Japan's two largest and fastest RoPax (RO ro passenger ships) are the first ships in the world to install ABB contra Azipod propulsion system. Since they were put into operation in 2004, these ferries have brought many benefits to the owner Shin Nihonkai ferry company, including fuel saving by 20%, increasing cargo space by 15% and higher speed

improve the efficiency and reliability of deepwater drilling platforms

azipod CZ is a unique propulsion system for drilling ships and platforms, and the required installed power is 15% lower than that of traditional mechanical propellers. Transocean, the world's largest offshore drilling contractor, has two deepwater drilling platforms installed with eight Azipod CZ thrusters. The cumulative operation time of these Azipod has reached 450000 hours, meeting Transocean's requirements for the efficiency and reliability of deepwater drilling platforms

the world's largest cruise ship

Royal Caribbean oasis is the world's largest cruise ship at present, capable of carrying 7500 tourists and crew. It is also the world's first ship of its kind equipped with three full-motion azomod, of which the third azomod provides this huge ship with better maneuverability, flexibility and power requirements

abb is a leading global supplier of marine power and propulsion systems, capable of providing a full range of marine power and propulsion systems, including generator sets, power distribution systems, and ship wide control systems

abb is a leading enterprise in the field of power and automation technology, ranking third among the global top 500. Abb is committed to helping power, utilities and industrial customers improve their performance while reducing their impact on the environment. ABB Group has businesses in more than 100 countries around the world, with 124000 employees. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including R & D, manufacturing, sales and engineering services, with 16300 employees, 31 local enterprises and sales and service networks in 80 cities across the country

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