ABB turbocharging Zhoushan branch was officially e

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ABB turbocharged Zhoushan branch was officially established

thanks to its superior geographical location and the vigorous development of China's shipbuilding industry and marine economy in the 21st century. 11. Driven by servo electromechanical system: the electric cylinder is driven by Electromechanical to load the pedal. The number of ship repairs in Zhoushan has accounted for 35% of the country, making Zhoushan the leading ship repair center in China. ABB reached a strategic cooperation intention with Xinya shipyard in Zhoushan as early as 2013. With the rapid growth of customers' demand for efficient and convenient services from all over the world, the establishment of Zhoushan branch is imminent. The newly established Zhoushan branch will become the seventh branch of ABB turbochargers in China after Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Dalian and Qingdao. It can undertake the maintenance and repair of all new and old ABB turbochargers. Domestic and foreign shipowners can obtain more convenient, more efficient and more economical original spare parts and original factory services in Zhoushan. This is an important measure for abb to adhere to its development strategy in China and the world. ABB will work with local partners to promote innovation to meet the growing needs of customers and help promote industrial transformation and upgrading, which will also have a positive impact on the industrial development of Zhoushan, accelerate the construction of new islands, and improve the economic development of Zhoushan and even Zhejiang

1 is generally applicable to metal, non-metal, rubber and other materials

the Zhoushan branch of Chongqing ABB Jiangjin Turbocharging System Co., Ltd. was officially unveiled

the Zhoushan branch of Chongqing ABB Jiangjin Turbocharging System Co., Ltd. is the first company established by ABB in Zhoushan. The establishment of the branch will help ABB get closer to the market and serve customers faster and better. Jiang Haibo, head of ABB China Industrial Automation Division, said that we are very optimistic about the future development of Zhoushan. Through ABB's own technological advantages in the field of industrial IOT and digitalization, we actively participate in the economic development and the construction of key projects in Zhoushan, further expand the fields of cooperation and achieve win-win development

the establishment of Zhoushan branch has further improved our sales and service network in Zhoushan and even the whole southeast coastal Yangtze River Delta region, which will effectively shorten the distance with customers and better provide professional, high-quality and efficient services to local customers. Wang Qingzhou, head of ABB's China turbocharging business unit, said that technology and market are rapidly moving towards digitalization. ABB has launched its turbocharging system digitalization solution to help shipping customers enhance equipment performance, improve operational flexibility and reduce operating costs (OPEX). We are committed to providing customers with innovative digital products and services

renewal ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between ABB turbocharging and Xinya shipyard

Chongqing ABB Jiangjin Turbocharging System Co., Ltd. has set up subsidiaries or branches in major coastal cities such as Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao and Zhoushan, and has set up shipyard service points in Shenzhen Youlian shipyard and Fujian Huadong shipyard, forming a sales service network that radiates the whole country and serves the whole world, It is an organic part of ABB's global service network

abb turbocharging industry is a global leader in the production and service of large diesel electronic universal tensile machines with more than 500 kW, which can be used as experimental projects, turbochargers for oil engines and gas internal combustion engines. Our boldly innovative technology helps customers achieve efficiency, emission reduction and fuel conservation in the most difficult operating environment. About 200000 ABB turbocharging systems are used in ship shipping, land power stations, locomotive traction, large construction machinery and other fields around the world. More than 100 direct service stations in more than 50 countries around the world provide you with all kinds of maintenance services, original spare parts and original factory services anytime and anywhere

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